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Proverbs and Quotations

Select from the following headings:

On Habit

On Economy, Frugality and Waste

On Simplicity

On Conscience

On Independence

On Self-Respect

On Self-Praise

On Self-Reliance

On Sensuality

On Shame

On Lust

On Silence

On Personal Happiness

On Goodness

On What We are

On Example, Consistency, Genuineness, Honesty and Influence

On Lying, Deceit, Dishonesty

On Impurity, Indecency and Immorality

On Sowing and Reaping

On Companionship and its Influence

On Knowledge and Learning

On Wise Men and Fools

On the Value of Forethought, Reflection, Deliberation, Caution and Prudence

On Anger

On Pride and Humility

On Jealousy

On Envy

On Hatred

On Malice

On Wisdom

On Common Sense

On Truth and Error

On Work and Idleness

On Marriage

On Courtship

On Drink

On the Tongue

On Haste

On Wit

On Religion

On Argument, Strife, Contention and Peaceableness

On Wrongs, Injuries, Revenge and Vengeance

On Children and Their Rearing

On Forebearance and Tolerance

On Wealth

On Debt

On Reason

On Cheerfulness

On Self-Denial

On Wishing

On Procrastination

On Temper

On Time and Its Use

On Faults

On Woman

On Friendship

On the Magnitude of Trifles

On Profanity, Swearing, Cursing, Blasphemy

On Gambling

On Health

On Law and Lawyers

On Morality

On Obstinacy

On Promising

On Order and Method

On Thought and Reflection

On Reading

Topically arranged proverbs and quotations --- Agate collection

Proverbs, quotations --- Sapphire collection

Proverbs, quotations --- Onyx collection

Proverbs, quotations --- Jade collection

Proverbs, quotations --- Country collection

Confucius collection

Gems of Wisdom

Apples of Gold

Proverbs to Live By

Common Proverbs & Sayings

Poor Richard's Almanac

The Way to Wealth - Benjamin Franklin

Chinese proverbs

Selections from the Book of Proverbs (Bible)

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Quotations - Pythagoras

Quotations - Socrates

Quotations - Plato

Quotations - Aristotle

Quotations - Sophocles

Quotations - Plutarch

Quotations - Cicero

Quotations - Seneca

Quotations - Cato the Elder

Quotations - Francis Bacon

Quotations - Rochefoucauld

Quotations - Montaigne

Quotations - Pope

Quotations - Buddha

Quotations - Confucius

Some thoughts on economic and political philosophy. The relative merits of capitalism v.s. socialism.

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Cause of Character Traits --- According to Aristotle

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We are what we eat --- living under the discipline of a diet

Avoiding problems and trouble in life

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Personal attributes of the true Christian

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Love of God and love of virtue are closely united

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Intellectual disparities among people and the power in good habits

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We are all examples --- for good or for bad

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Sin is serious business. The punishment for it is real. Hell is real.

Self-imposed discipline and regimentation

Achieving happiness in life --- a matter of the right strategies


Self-control, self-restraint, self-discipline basic to so much in life

We are our habits

What creates moral character?

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