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On Goodness

   A good man shall obtain favor of the Lord. 

                                                  Prov. 12:2

   Goodness is the supreme beauty.

   Be good, and let heaven answer for the rest.

   There is no good that doth not cost a price.

   A good horse cannot be of a bad color.

   A good horse never lacks a saddle.

   The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, 
    And He delights in his way. 
                                                 Psalms 37:23

   A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children. 
                                                        Prov. 13:22

   A good name keeps its luster in the dark.

   A good man standeth calm and strong, for God is his ally. 

                                                      M. Tupper

   Good ware makes a quick market.

   There may be a certain pleasure in vice, but there is a higher 
   in purity and virtue.  --  The most commanding of all delights 
   is the delight in goodness.  --  The beauty of holiness is but 
   one beauty, but it is the highest. -- It is the loss of the 
   sense of sin and shame that destroys both men and states. 

   We may be as good as we please if we please to be good. 


   He who loves goodness harbors angels, reveres reverence, and 
   lives with God. 

   A good man is kinder to his enemy than bad men to their 
                                                 Bp. Hall

   A good man is influenced by God himself, and has a kind of 
   divinity within him;  so it may be a question whether he goes 
   to heaven or heaven comes to him. 

   It is only great souls that know how much glory there is in 
   being good. 

   How far that little candle throws his beams!  so shines a good 
   deed in a naughty world! 

   In the heraldry of heaven goodness precedes greatness, and so on 
   earth it is more powerful.  The lowly and lovely may often do 
   more good in their limited sphere than the gifted. 

                                                   George Horn

   Goodness consists not in the outward things we do, but in the 
   inward thing we are.  To be good is the great thing. 

                                                E. H. Chapin

   The soul is strong that trusts in goodness. 


   There never was law, or sect, or opinion did so much magnify 
   goodness as the Christian religion doth. 


   He is a good man whose intimate friends are all good, and whose 
   enemies are decidedly bad. 

   Of all virtues and dignities of the mind, goodness is the 
   greatest, being the character of the Deity;  and without it, 
   man is a busy, mischievous, wretched thing. 


   To be innocent is to be not guilty; but to be virtuous is to 
   overcome our evil feelings and intentions. 


   It is the edge and temper of the blade that makes a good sword, 
   not the richness of the scabbord;  and so it is not money or 
   possessions that make man considerable, but his virtue. 

   There is but one pursuit in life which it is in the power of 
   all to follow, and all to attain.  It is subject to no 
   disappointments, since he that perseveres makes every 
   difficulty an advancement, and every conquest a victory; and 
   this is the pursuit of virtue.  Sincerely to aspire after 
   virtue is to gain her; and zealously to labor after her ways 
   is to receive them. 

   To be able under all circumstances to practice five things 
   constitutes perfect virtue;  these five are gravity, generosity 
   of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. 


   We rarely like the virtues we have not. 


   Wealth is a weak anchor, and glory cannot support a man;  this 
   is the law of God, that virtue only is firm, and cannot be 
   shaken by a tempest. 

   The most virtuous of all men, says Plato, is he that contents 
   himself with being virtuous without seeking to appear so. 


   The virtues, like the Muses, are always seen in groups.  A good 
   principle was never found solitary in any breast. 

                                                 Jane Porter

   A large part of virtue consists in good habits. 


   The virtue of Paganism was strength;  the virtue of 
   Christianity is obedience. 

   Virtue is uniform and fixed, because she looks for approbation 
   only from Him who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

   Virtues go ever in troops;  so thick that sometimes some are 
   hid in the crowd, which are yet virtues though they appear not. 
                                                   Joseph Hall

   Certainly, virtue is like precious odors, most fragrant when 
   they are incensed or crushed;  for prosperity doth best 
   discover vice, but adversity doth best discover virtue. 


   Live virtuously, and you cannot die too soon, nor live too 
                                               Lady Russell

   While shame keeps its watch virtue is not wholly extinguished 
   in the heart. 


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