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The really big sins

   Satan rules this world.  God has given him power in this world 
   for a season.  By his lies and deceptions and devices Satan 
   attempts to pull people away from God and pull them into sin.  
   God's general policy is to stand back in all this.  He is 
   patient and long-suffering.  He exercises restraint.  He 
   generally just stands back and watches as mankind follows the 
   ways of evil, the ways of Satan.  If one has read the Old 
   Testament one knows how the different peoples of the ancient 
   world, in general, walked the road of evil and wickedness, 
   worshipping various gods, engaging in various practices that 
   God found extremely upsetting.  The Bible records several cases 
   in which God did lose his patience.  We read that in the days of 
   Noah, "the earth was corrupt before God and was filled with 
   violence", (Genesis 6:11) and God was so upset about their 
   behavior that he sent the great flood and destroyed all human 
   life, except for Noah and his family.  Later, in the days of 
   Abraham, he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, raining fire and 
   brimstone on them from heaven, for their great wickedness 
   (sodomy, homosexuality).  Genesis 18,19.  Then when the 
   children of Israel came up to the land of Canaan, after 
   spending 40 years in the Wilderness of Sinai, he told them to 
   utterly destroy all the inhabitants of Canaan --- men, women 
   and children.  Why?  Their great wickedness.  What are the 
   great sins that so upset God as to cause him to destroy entire 
   nations and peoples?  Let us name them: 

     -- the worship of other gods, worship of idols
     -- involvement with the occult (sorcery, witchcraft, magic, 
        soothsaying, divination, etc.)
     -- murder, violence
     -- sodomy, homosexuality
     -- adultery, fornication

   These were the great sins of the ancient peoples that so upset 
   him.  How many of these great sins are condoned and practiced 
   in America?  How deep in big sin is America?  Do you think God 
   might deal with us as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah and the 
   peoples in the ancient land of Canaan?  Think about the 

     -- the great worldwide AIDS epidemic
     -- 9/11 and the rising ugly head of Islamic terrorism
     -- hurricane Katrina
     -- the great financial meltdown of fall 2008

   Could these perhaps be divine messages?

   What do you think lies ahead?  We are all in the hands of God.  
   Great calamity and catastrophe could be a day away.  Some great 
   natural cataclysm?  Some Islamic terrorists with atomic 
   bombs in suitcases?  America is not as intelligent as she 
   thinks she is.  Her "progressive" thinking on the subject of 
   homosexuality is not so progressive as she thinks it is.  Our 
   "progressive" leaders are not as progressive as they think.  
   America walks in great depravity and wickedness.  She follows 
   closely in the footsteps of her "enlightened", "progressive" 
   cousins across the Atlantic who are always a few steps ahead 
   of her in their godlessness and depravity. A once god-fearing 
   nation has lost its fear of God and is walking the road to 
   an eternal hell. It has perverted Christianity into a sham.

   Dec 2008

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