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A horse is a horse.

   A horse by any other name is still a horse.  A horse is a horse 
   no matter what you call it.  Some call that great sexual 
   revolution that America has gone through over the last forty 
   years the sexual emancipation of America; others call it the 
   moral collapse of America.  Some call it sexual emancipation; 
   others call it immorality.  Different names but the same thing.

   There are some societies of the world (non-Christian societies 
   mostly) where the social customs, practices, and traditions 
   reflect a general social rejection of sexual promiscuity.  
   Women are expected to be virgins when they marry and it is a 
   great disgrace if they are not.  Boys and girls are separated 
   in classes in school.  Young people are supervised, guarded and 
   watched after the age of puberty.  Social structures have been 
   erected to limit temptation and opportunity.  Structures have 
   been erected to discourage and limit immorality.

   A society is shaped by its outlooks, attitudes and values.  The 
   "progressive sexual attitudes" of modern America are nothing 
   new.  They are not so modern as America may think.  They are as 
   old as time itself, going all the way back to the days of Sodom 
   and Gomorrah and the days of Noah, before the flood.  They 
   represent "the way of the world" spoken of in the New 
   Testament.  These "progressive attitudes" produced by the great 
   "sexual liberation" that has occurred in America over the last 
   forty years have had their logical consequence:  adultery, 
   fornication, sexual promiscuity is everywhere.  All stigmas and 
   taboos against it have been destroyed and it is now socially 
   acceptable.  It is so pervasive in our high schools and 
   colleges that those who are not doing it are the exception and 
   not the rule.  Virginity is out.  Virginity is a joke.  
   Morality is some old-fashioned idea from the ancient past.  
   Boys and girls are intermingled in schools from the earliest 
   ages and all social customs, practices and structures 
   encourage, rather than discourage, promiscuity to the point 
   where it is very difficult to follow the right path even if one 
   wishes to do so.  Then when these "sexually liberated" young 
   people leave school for the work world they often become more 
   and more degraded and debauched, living wildly promiscuous, 
   dissolute lives, experimenting with all kinds of depraved 
   practices, and become essentially sluts, whores, etc.  Of 
   course they don't think of themselves as that.  They think of 
   themselves as just people having fun and, perhaps, picking up a 
   little money here and there to boot.  They probably view 
   themselves as smart and fun-loving.  But a horse is a horse and 
   a slut is a slut.  You can call it what you want.  There has 
   always been a few people who have taken this low road, but when 
   large portions of a population take this road en masse, some 
   find it deeply disturbing.  Anyway, liberated America doesn't 
   call it debauchery, it calls it "sexual liberation".

   Americans still call themselves Christians, and actually 
   consider themselves Christians, but in actual substance and 
   fact it is a sham Christianity; they are as far from true 
   Christianity as is east from west.  For sexual immorality is as 
   incompatible with true Christianity as water is with oil.  
   Nothing could be more opposite the teachings and spirit of true 
   Christianity.  In fact, the "modern progressive attitudes" are 
   really Godlessness and any God-fearing person knows how wrong 
   they are.

   A man never sees himself clearly but others will see him 
   clearly.  An immoral man never sees himself as immoral.  But 
   others will call him by the right name.  Anyone knows 
   immorality when they see it --- whether they be Hindu, 
   Buddhist, Confucian, Shinto, Muslim or whatever.  A horse is a 
   horse.  You call him what you wish.

   Nov 2002

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