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Our immoral society

   When foreigners immigrate to this society they are shocked by 
     the immorality here.  They are shocked by the sexual freedom 
     and permissiveness of the society, by the total breakdown in 
     morals.  Be they Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever they are 
     shocked and disgusted. They generally react by a strict 
     supervision of their children, keeping them on a short leash, 
     trying to keep them from all the evil influences of the 
     society.  And, down deep in their heart, they secretly dream 
     of returning to their homeland (the absence of jobs there 
     being what keeps them from doing so). 

   The typical American has been corrupted; he is corrupted down 
     in his heart and soul; he is spiritually lost. 

   Evil dominates in our society,  Evil influences are everywhere.  
     We are bombarded continually by evil influences, images and 
     messages from all directions: TV, radio, movies, books, 
     magazines, friends, parents, teachers, preachers, etc.. 
     Wickedness is everywhere.  While good men sit in shock, the 
     wicked flaunt their wickedness.  Wickedness rules and good men 
     fear to speak up.

   Youth is impressionable.  It is almost impossible for it to 
     survive the constant bombardment of immoral messages, images, 
     attitudes and temptations without itself becoming infected 
     and corrupted.  The young person is constantly hearing all 
     the voices that tend to guide down the wrong path and never 
     hears voices in favor of Goodness, Virtue, Righteousness and 
     Moral Principle.  There is no one speaking up for 
     Righteousness in this society. 

   Our custom of dating is a big part of the problem.  It is an 
     imprudent custom that leads to immorality.  Moslems, 
     Buddhists and Hindus don't allow their children to date.  
     They keep them indoors and under tight rein until they are in 
     their twenties and old enough to marry.  Then they are 
     expected to meet one person, get to know them under proper, 
     controlled circumstances, and then to marry them.  Meetings 
     are controlled and chaperoned. 

   In the animal world the mothers spend a lot of time and energy 
     teaching and training their young.  Mother bears, foxes, 
     lions, tigers, etc. spend a lot of time teaching their young 
     how to get food and survive on their own.  When the young are 
     grown they are able to take care of themselves.  In American 
     society children grow up neglected and untaught.  Then when 
     they reach the age of eighteen the custom is to heartlessly 
     kick them out on their own into a cold, unfriendly world.  
     The children in America today are growing up without moral 
     instruction and without the practical instruction needed to 
     make it on their own.  The schools are ineffective.  The 
     atmosphere in them is too free and easy; the atmosphere of 
     order, discipline and authority that is so important is 
     missing, and the students are allowed to just pass through  
     without anything being required of them.  The children in our 
     society are being short-changed not only by the school system 
     but by their parents.  We live in a selfish society.  People 
     are too wrapped up in getting things for themselves, finding 
     pleasure, being good to themselves, to worry about their 
     children.  They feel that if they provide their children with 
     food, clothing and shelter that is the extent of their duty.  
     The children are growing up spiritually and morally neglected 
     by their parents.  Part of the reason is because the parents 
     are so spiritually and morally vacuous that they have nothing 
     to give. 

   Has there been a particular cause for this moral breakdown in America? 
    Yes, there in a single thing that has brought it about.  What is it?  
    It is a set of attitudes, outlooks and values that go by the 
    name "Liberalism".  It is Liberalism that has been the corrupting 
    agent.  Liberalism, acting over the years, is what has transformed 
    America into what it is today.  Liberalism, the lying voice of 
    Satan himself, is what has accomplished this great feat.  And it 
    has not just happened here in America.  The same thing has also 
    happened in Western Europe through the same force, the same agent.
    And because of the great world-wide influence of the West, the 
    same agent is working in the entire world. 

   Jan 1990

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