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The healthy society

   The healthy society is a society of bias and prejudice --- bias 
   and prejudice against sin, immorality, wrong;  against 
   adultery, fornication, promiscuity, homosexuality, lying, 
   cheating, dishonesty.  It is a society in which there are 
   strong values, attitudes and pressures favoring goodness and 
   right and in opposition to immorality and badness.  Social 
   taboos and pressures of the right kind are important to the 
   emotional and mental health and development of the individual.  
   And a society is made up of individuals.  It is important to 
   emotional health and personal happiness that there be social 
   pressures which prompt in the right direction, pressures 
   prompting in the direction of morality and conscience.  It is 
   important that social attitudes support and reinforce that 
   voice within us and not oppose it.  If a society becomes so 
   corrupted that the prevailing social attitudes and pressures 
   are in opposition to goodness, morality and conscience, most 
   individuals become mislead into bad and harmful ways.  Why?  
   Because most people are sheep;  they are followers, imitators.  
   They follow the crowd.  If others are doing it, they do it, 
   too.  They are naive, easily believe a lie --- especially if it 
   is a lie they would like to believe.  If societal attitudes are 
   permissive, it provides them excuses and they follow their base 
   inclinations.  The end result is that they shipwreck on the 
   shoals of life.  Sin is foolishness and brings its consequences 
   --- in this life.

   How are social attitudes and pressures created?  1. The mass 
   media (television, press, motion pictures).  2. Preachers; 
   churches and their teachings.  3. Laws and their enforcement.  
   Laws and their enforcement can support good values and 
   outlooks.  They can also support bad values and outlooks.  If 
   adultery and homosexuality is against the law and that law is 
   rigorously enforced that creates one social climate.  If the 
   law allows them, that creates another.  If the laws encourage 
   the teachings of Christianity in schools, that creates one 
   social climate.  If they forbid it, that creates another social 

   Where can one find those right values and attitudes that make 
   for a healthy society?  In the Bible, in Christianity.  Where 
   do wrong values and attitudes come from?  From the sinful heart 
   and intellect of man at odds with God; from Satan.  Man in 
   rebellion against God -- it is an age-old saga. 

   Oct 2007

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