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Similarities between America and the ancient city of Sodom

   There are many similarities and parallels between America and 
   the ancient city of Sodom. 

   "But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord, 
   exceedingly so."   Genesis 13:13 

   What was the sin of Sodom that was so great and outrageous in 
   the eyes of God, the sin that so angered him, so outraged him, 
   that he annihilated the city with fire and brimstone?  
   Homosexuality.  See the account of the destruction of Sodom and 
   Gomorrah in Genesis 18:20 - 19:27.  Sodom is mentioned many 
   times in both Old and New Testaments.  Its name is synonymous 
   with great and outrageous wickedness, the very height of 

   How is America like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?  What are 
   the similarities and parallels? 

     1. The homosexuals are everywhere in American society.  They 
        permeate the society.  The list of well known people who 
        have finally become revealed to be homosexual is just 
        endless.  And you learn about more every day.  The higher 
        echelons of our society is just loaded with them.  And, 
        most likely, the lower echelons, too.  And not only is the 
        society permeated with them but they stand out boldly in 
        high profile.  All the time one is hearing about the gay 
        movement, gay rights, the gay political movement, etc..  
        They are out in the open shamelessly, aggressively 
        asserting their rights.  More than that, homosexuality 
        seems to be becoming acceptable and respectable in the 
        society.  It is referred  to as "just another lifestyle".  
        It even seems to be condoned and accepted in many 
        churches.  One often hears of controversies and splits in 
        churches over the issue with many religious people, 
        including ministers, advocating that homosexuals should be 
        accepted and should even be allowed to preach.  

     2. Outrageous sexual immorality everywhere.  Our society 
        prides itself on it's broad-mindedness and tolerance.  We 
        are so broad-minded and tolerant that we condone and 
        accept everything from adultery and promiscuity to 
        homosexuality to pornography. 

     3. Sodom and Gomorrah were wealthy cities.  They lay in an 
        abundant and wealthy plain.  America is a wealthy country.  
        Wealth and luxury corrupts. 

   The story of Sodom and Gomorrah illustrates a very important 
   fact:  The Holy Bible is not a broad-minded, tolerant book.  It 
   is, in a sense, a very narrow-minded, intolerant book.  God is 
   a God of righteousness who is patient but not infinitely 
   patient.  This is illustrated by the story of Sodom and 
   Gomorrah, the story of Noah and the flood, and many other 
   stories.  Christ showed anger and righteous indignation on 
   certain occasions.  God's patience is limited.  He has love and 
   mercy for the penitent sinner and the person who loves and 
   serves him but he can be very severe with the unrepentant and 
   those who do not love, honor and serve him. 

   Apr 1987

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