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Liberalism is evil

   I don't like liberalism.  I didn't like it when I was a boy, I 
   have never liked it, and the older I get, the more I dislike 
   it.  I see it as pure Evil.  On most things in life there are 
   pros and cons, pluses and minuses, two sides to the question.  
   But on liberalism I see it as Black and White.  Liberalism is 
   atheistic, godless, straight from Satan himself.  It is lie.  
   It is moral lie and economic lie.  It is a fraud, a cheat.  And 
   more and more it is dominating in this society.  It is 
   dominating in our schools, elementary through university level.  
   It dominates in the news media.  And it is dominating in the 
   government.  Every year it gains more and more ground.  
   Legislation coming out of our Congress is liberal and has been 
   for years.  It has now taken us to the point where the country is 
   condoning homosexuality.  School children are being taught that 
   homosexuality is perfectly acceptable, just another life 
   style.  In all my pessimism I would never have guessed that 
   things would get this bad.  I would never have believed that 
   this country would have gotten to this point.  I find the 
   current situation very, very disturbing - and depressing.  I 
   cannot think of it without feeling deeply disturbed and 

   Secular humanism.  Atheism.  Modernism (in Christianity).  
   Moral relativism.  Socialism.  In my mind I lump them all 
   together as liberalism.  They are all similar and closely 
   connected.  I have always felt a natural antipathy for them.  I 
   am sure the feeling is mutual.  They all hate Capitalism.  I 
   believe in Capitalism.  One of their characteristics is they 
   want a welfare state, a state where everyone is taken care of.  
   Who takes care of everyone?  The State.  And how does the 
   State take care of everyone? Utilizing taxation as the tool, 
   it takes from Peter and gives to Paul. One group in
   society works and produces and another group lives off them. 
   One group of people pull the cart and another group rides in the 
   cart. Until the hardworking, successful, affluent producers quit 
   working or leave the country and Capitalism dies.  And then everyone 
   works, encouraged by men with whips and guns. Then it is the group 
   with the guns and whips who are riding in the cart. And in this 
   lovely, paternalistic State you have to live by its rules and values. 
   You just quietly keep your mouth shut when its schools teach 
   your six year old child about homosexuality and how it is just 
   fine and instructs him in all the various kinds of sex acts.

   Socialism is evil.  Socialism will destroy this country and any 
   country that embraces it.  Socialism is a lie.  It is not what 
   it purports to be.  It is all nice sounding theory that in 
   practice is something far different, something not very nice.  
   Socialism doesn't work.  It doesn't work, it never will work, 
   it can't be made to work.  It is all illusion, a godless 
   illusion.  And it is an illusion that can be seen through by 
   any person with a reasonable amount of common sense.  As a boy 
   it was obvious to me that the whole idea of communism was 
   foolishness that wouldn't work.  I had more common sense as a 
   boy than these liberal professors in our elite universities.  
   Communism has been tried many times and it fails every time.  
   The truth about it has been exposed.  Capitalism works.  It has 
   a proven record.  Capitalism provides people incentive to work. 
   Socialism destroys the incentive. Communism lost out in Russia.  
   Russia gave up on it and China did too, for all practical purposes.  
   I have never been able to understand how so many people could 
   have been duped by its ideas. Socialism is a tyrant, a trap, 
   an ugly dungeon.  Socialism lives by force and force is required 
   to sustain it. Force exerted by intellectual elites who think 
   they are gods who know what is best for everyone; gods who 
   think and act as if they were above all moral law, gods who make 
   their own law. It is naturally and necessarily autocratic,  
   an enemy of personal freedom and liberty. Why?  Because its dogma 
   and objectives must come first, human considerations second. All 
   must be sacrificed to the interest of its "higher" objectives. 
   So what do we have here? We have a rule of gigantic government 
   bureaucracy. A rule of inefficiency, foolishness and ineptness. 
   A rule of people accountable to no one but themselves.  Socialism
   is an ugly trap. It has been probably the worst plague to ever 
   afflict mankind.  Socialism has been responsible for the blood 
   of scores of millions of innocent people in countries where it 
   has been tried (like Russia, China and Cambodia).  Responsible 
   for horrible crimes of murder all committed in the name of a 
   foolish ideology.  Crimes against humanity perpetrated by 
   godless men, crimes dwarfing even the terrible things that 
   occurred in Nazi Germany.  Socialism has been a curse on every 
   country that has tried it. It is godless.  It is evil.  Yet the 
   social sciences departments of universities across this land are 
   dominated by socialists.  Our college students have been 
   brainwashed into these liberal, socialistic ideas.  What is 
   going on?  How do you explain this? Could it be that just a very 
   large portion of mankind comes up very short in the department of 
   common sense? Maybe. If so it seems to be concentrated in intellectuals, 
   academics and the arts.  If it is true, it is a very 
   interesting phenomenon.  Another possible explanation is envy - 
   envy of the rich, hatred of the rich.  Perhaps they hate 
   capitalism, not because it doesn't work, they just hate the 
   idea that someone can make a lot of money.  They want to bring 
   the rich down, even if they sink the entire ship, including 
   themselves.  Intellectuals are supposed to be intelligent, 
   objective, fact-oriented people.  But the facts are clear.  The 
   truth is clear.  They act like people committed fanatically to 
   a religion, a false religion.  People who, in spite of all 
   evidence that the religion is sham and false, stubbornly cling 
   to it.

   Liberalism is outside my mind.  Perhaps that is because 
   liberals are atheistic and I am god-fearing.  It is difficult 
   for a god-fearing person to comprehend the mentality of an 
   atheist.  Maybe Satan has blinded their minds.  Maybe their 
   understanding has been darkened by their enmity against God.

   The problem doesn't exist just here in America.  Western Europe 
   is even further down the socialistic road than America.  The 
   entire industrialized world is being seduced by the lie of 

   Sept 2010

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