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The age-old conflict between Good and Evil. The philosophy of tolerance. Immorality in America.

   The age-old conflict between Good and Evil.  God and his 
   followers against Satan and his.  It is a fact of life.  A fact 
   of life today and a fact of life in all times and all places.  
   Satan rules the world.  He always has.  The Upright and Good 
   are always in the minority.  

   The godless.  The immoral.  The morally degenerate.  The 
   perverted.  They like each others company.  They are only 
   really comfortable around others like themselves, others of the 
   same outlooks, attitudes and beliefs.  Being in the company of 
   others like themselves validates their behavior.  People like 
   the support of the group.  They look around at what others are 
   doing.  If others are doing a thing, they then feel free to do 
   it themselves.  If they are inclined towards certain kinds of 
   behavior, they will choose the company of others who engage in 
   that kind of behavior.  People don't generally wish for the 
   company of those who they know wouldn't approve of their 

   Do the immoral and perverted have a strongly held philosophy?  
   Yes.  These days you hear their philosophy all the time.  It is 
   epitomized in a single word: "tolerance".  Tolerance is their 
   watchword, their slogan.  They repeat it and repeat it over 
   and over.  They know that by the constant repetition they 
   influence people, influence the masses.  It is a really great 
   sounding word, a great sounding idea.  But what they really 
   mean is tolerance of their own outlooks and conduct, tolerance of 
   their own gross immorality and depravity.  The word represents 
   a direct hit against their mortal enemy, the person who they 
   know will never accept their conduct: the upright, moral, God-
   fearing man who takes God's teachings seriously and tries to 
   live by them.  He is their nemesis.  To them he is an 
   intolerant bigot.  He is their accuser.  The world is just not 
   big enough for both them and him.  They want him eliminated.  
   They speak about tolerance but what they really have in mind is 
   elimination.  They use the word "tolerance" with malice; it is 
   a dagger aimed straight at the heart of the godly man.  Back in 
   the late 1960's and early 1970's the long-haired hippies living 
   in communes and embracing drugs and free love had a similar 
   watchword.  Their watchword was "love".  They kept repeating, 
   "Let us all love one another."  They meant, "Let us all be 
   tolerant and accept one another.  There is no right and wrong; 
   there are no moral standards.  Let us all just do as we wish, 
   enjoy life to the hilt.  Let us all just be one big happy, 
   tolerant family."  The immoral have other catchwords.  Another 
   is "social justice".  They keep repeating that phrase.  It is a 
   great, lofty sounding phrase.  What do they mean by the phrase?  
   For them a "socially just" society is one without bias or 
   discrimination, a society embodying their ideal of tolerance, a 
   society where everyone accepts everyone regardless of their 
   character or moral behavior.  To obtain "social justice" they 
   push for anti-discrimination laws.  What they want to do is to 
   force everyone into their own outlooks and values.  Also, a 
   "socially just" society is, to them, an egalitarian society - a 
   society where everyone is equal.  To bring this about they 
   propose a very virtuous action on the part of government: to 
   take from the rich and distribute to the poor.  They have a 
   great love of the poor - or is it a hatred for the rich?

   People are sheep.  They follow the crowd.  They look around to 
   see what the crowd is doing and then they do it themselves.  If 
   other people are acting immorally then they feel free to do the 
   same things themselves.  America has become ever increasingly 
   immoral.  In an immoral society, a society where the general 
   climate is immoral, people feel free to be as immoral as they 
   please.  There is no restraining force of social disapproval.  
   That is America today.  An America without a moral restraining 

   America is now condoning and accepting that great sin of sins, 
   homosexuality.  The gays and lesbians have gained great power 
   and influence in America.  They have achieved so much 
   influence, so much favorable press, that it appears that the 
   majority in the upper layers of American society are 
   sympathetic to them and their cause.  This includes not only 
   liberals but the majority of moderates and a great many 
   conservatives (a person can be conservative on some issues and 
   not others).  The homosexuals have gained the hearts and 
   support of those in power.  This is true to such an extent that 
   one never hears any politician ever say homosexuality is 
   immoral.   No politician will ever say that.  It is just no 
   longer socially acceptable to say that.  No politician would 
   dare, even if he thought it.  It would bring down on him the 
   ire of the homosexuals.   And it would cost him too many votes 
   - lose him his job.  It would show despicable prejudice towards 
   a poor, downtrodden group of people (the homosexuals).  There 
   is no politician who is willing to take the Biblical position 
   on homosexuality.   Everyone in power knows that the Bible is 
   just an old-fashioned, outdated book - not to be taken 
   seriously on the subject.  On most issues political there is a 
   diversity of opinion, people taking both sides of an issue.  On 
   this issue, however, there is unanimity.  The sentiment among 
   the people in power is with the homosexual - and against the 
   Bible-believer.  For them, the Bible-believer is simply an 
   intolerant bigot, a bad person.  The attitude toward the Bible-
   believer is almost unanimously hostile.  The Bible-believer, 
   the person who views homosexuality as high sin, is a bad person 
   and the homosexual is a good person.  Do we have some kind of 
   moral inversion here?  Does it sound like Satan is on the 
   throne?  Does it sound like the country has sold out to Satan?  
   A person reveals himself by his friends.  What is the meaning 
   when a person's feelings are with the wicked and his hatreds 
   are against the Righteous?  I find this situation highly 
   disturbing.  America wasn't always like this.  This is where 
   liberalism has finally brought us.  This is the mind that 
   constant exposure to immorality, wickedness and depravity by 
   Hollywood and the mass media has created.  This is the mind 
   that the lies of liberalism have created.  A mind without 
   knowledge of good and evil.  A mind corrupted and depraved.  
   That this once great and good country has come to this is, to 
   me, just incredible - shocking.

   Sept 2010

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