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America --- A Society that has Lost its Spiritual Moorings

   America has troubles.  Some think it is because we have drifted 
   away from old fashioned values and the old fashioned religion.  
   What do you think? 

   Soaring divorce rates.  Rampant fornication and adultery.  
   Millions cohabiting.  Murder, crime and violence.  Pornography 
   everywhere.  Homosexuality brazenly exerting itself.  Youth 
   turning to drugs.  Suicide.  Child abuse.  Wife abuse.  What is 
   happening?  Do you know?  Could it be that those old fashioned 
   values were what held things together? 

   Rampant crime, violence.  Marital problems.  Confused and angry 
   children.  Alcoholism.  Drugs.  Suicide.  A progressive 
   America.  Ready to try the old fashioned values and the old 
   fashioned religion again?  No?  Wait a little longer. 

   Playboy Magazine.  And Playgirl.  The symbols of a new age.  
   The great, free, progressive and liberal age.  Like it?  Some 

   Violence. Murder. Crime. Promiscuity. Pornography. Lying. 
   Cheating. Stealing.  All are simply "freedom in the 
   extreme".  Freedom is good?  Really?  Axiomatically? 

   Freedom is good.  We all know that.  It is an axiom.  But note 
   that the concepts of Truthfulness, Honesty and Fidelity all 
   imply "restraint" and "restraint" is the antithesis of Freedom.  
   If freedom is good is restraint bad?

   The Playboy philosophy.  The new foundation for a new America.  
   But what kind of foundation is it? 

   What is the measure of a man?  That which lies in the heart and 
   soul of a man.  That is the measure of a man. 

   Dare to be different!  Dare to stand alone!  Dare to serve the 
   Lord God of Heaven.  And he will bless you.

   There is one measure of a man.  Only one.  The moral measure.  
   No other measure is important beside that one.  Not natural 
   ability, not education, not achievement, not power, not social 
   status, not wealth.  God looks at only one thing:  how a man 
   measures in the moral sense, how he measures in regard to 
   integrity, honesty, morality, goodness and character.  And by 
   this measure an illiterate man may be worth more than the most 
   literate and the poorest worth more than the most wealthy. 

   Be sure your sin will find you out. 

   The soul that sinneth, it shall die. 

   Are we a Christian nation?  Can any nation that is basically 
   and fundamentally licentious and immoral legitimately view 
   itself as Christian? 

   Modern American society.  What kind of society is it?  Our 
   speech and humor tells.  So does our dress.  And our music.  
   And our drama. 

   Has any licentious, immoral and degenerate society ever endured 
   long in the history of man?  Then how can we hope to endure? 

   Can you solve the crime problem by more policemen?  Or the 
   marriage crisis by more marriage counselors?  No.  To solve any 
   problem you must attack the basic cause and root of the 
   problem.  And the basic cause and root of these problems and of 
   essentially all of America's problems is its spiritual problem.  
   America has left God and his principles and has found itself 
   with no spiritual foundation. 

   The spiritual vacuum in America.  The basic root and cause of 
   all of our problems.  The problems of crime, divorce, 
   alcoholism, drugs, suicide, etc. are all spiritual problems at 
   their root. 

   Can any society that conflicts with Christianity in its very 
   basic tenets legitimately view itself as Christian?  Can any 
   society based on licentiousness, immorality, materialism and 
   atheism legitimately view itself as Christian? 

   Licentiousness. Immorality. Indecency. Pornography.  They never 
   existed alongside integrity, honesty and character you know.  
   They never have and never will. 

   Licentiousness. Immorality. Indecency. Pornography.  A spit in 
   the face of God. 

   The twentieth century.  An era of confusion and emotional 
   disarray.  The problem?  God has been dethroned by Progress, 
   Science, the Psychologist and the Psychiatrist. 

   The modern age.  An age of deep confusion and frustration.  The 
   problem?  Personal prudence, common sense, wisdom and godly 
   principles have been dethroned.  Now we know nothing.  The sole 
   authority and arbiter of truth is Science, the Psychologist and 
   the Psychiatrist. 

   The modern age. An age of deep personal confusion and 
   frustration.  Millions are running to the psychiatrists.  What 
   is the problem?  A subtle and treacherous transposition. 
   Suddenly wrong is right and right is wrong;  Truth is lie and 
   lie truth.  That is the problem. 

   Science.  The Psychiatrist.  The psychologist.  The new 
   arbiters of right and wrong, truth and lie, good and bad.  The 
   new gods shaping a new society. 

   America has many problems, doesn't she?  Crime. Marital 
   problems. Drugs. Alcoholism. Emotional problems.  No.  America 
   has only one problem.  Only one.  A spiritual problem.  

   The "New Morality"?  It is nothing new --- just the old 
   immorality.  And it will bring the same consequences. 

   Morality, integrity, honesty and character.  Tokens of a bygone 
   age --- the Victorian Age.  Old fashioned values from an old 
   fashioned book --- the Bible. 

   The Playboy philosophy.  The new foundation for a new America.  
   But how solid a foundation is it?  Is it really an adequate 
   replacement for that old Victorian foundation? 

   America.  A ship cut loose from her moorings.  What moorings?  
   Those Victorian moorings --- old fashioned principles from an 
   old fashioned book.  And where do you think the ship will go 
   now that she is cut loose?  

   Oct 1975

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