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Avoiding problems and trouble in life


   Some people have many more troubles in life than do others.  
   What things can you do to minimize the number of troubles you 
   have in life? 

    - Be careful about who you marry.  Pick a mate as you would a 
       house, car or anything else.  Be wary about picking one on 
       the basis of romantic infatuation or "love" as it is 
       deceptive, impairs judgment, and leads to many bad 

    - Don't have any children.  Children are the cause of a great 
       many of life's troubles and problems.     

    - Get a good education.  Prepare yourself well for some 
       profession or trade.     

    - Don't ever cheat on your mate.  Don't allow yourself to be 
       enticed into adultery.     

    - Live true to conscience and moral principle.  Live up to the 
       highest that lies within you.  Be the sort of person that 
       you can have a high regard for.     

    - Keep life as simple as possible.  Pursue simplicity.     

    - Put spiritual things first.  Put God first.  Live right for 
       his sake.  Honor the Lord of the Universe and his holy, 
       moral law.     

    - Reflect.  Think on what is good, right, just, prudent, and 

    - Pursue a life of self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and self-

    - Have regard for other people.  For God's sake, treat all 
       people well (treat them well not for their sake but for 

    - Take care of your health.  Eat properly.  Don't overeat.  
       Get sufficient exercise.     

    - Examine your personal habits and get rid of bad ones.  Stay 
       away from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.    

   Sept 1989

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