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Television --- spiritual poison

   Cakes, pie, pastry, sweets, sodas are good.  We all love them.  
   If we just follow our natural inclinations, do whatever we 
   like, let base appetite rule, we would do as a great many 
   people do --- eat them all the time, without restraint.  And if 
   we do that, most likely, we will eventually pay the price in 
   health problems.  In excess they subtly, over time, do us harm.  
   They act like a poison.  Would one knowingly consume something 
   that he knew to be poisonous to him just because it tasted good?  
   Don't people do that all the time?  How about the habits of 
   smoking or drinking?  Reason and prudence don't rule with most 
   people.  Base appetite and inclination rules.  There is another 
   habit that is harmful to man.  What is that?  Watching 
   television.  Smoking, drinking, excess consumption of sweets is 
   poison to the body.  Watching television in our modern day is 
   poison to the soul.  At least here in America.  Why is that?  
   It is so because television projects the outlooks, attitudes 
   and values of the screen writers, actors and producers of the 
   programs.  And the screen writers, actors and producers in our 
   modern western societies tend to be of liberal outlook, on the 
   very leading edge in moral corruption, atheism and godlessness.  
   They project their degenerate, immoral, godless outlooks and 
   attitudes in their works and the masses of the society sit for 
   hours in front of their TV sets ingesting it all.  You become 
   what you eat and the masses are voracious eaters.  They don't 
   know they are being spiritually deceived and duped at the cost 
   of their own soul.  They don't realize that they live in a 
   world ruled by that most articulate of all liars, Satan.  They 
   just imbibe, absorb and believe.  And why shouldn't they?  With 
   little or no spiritual foundation, they don't know the truth.  
   They don't know moral lie when they hear it.  One assertion is 
   as plausible as another.  One outlook and viewpoint is as good 
   as another.  And what they hear appeals to their base appetites 
   and inclinations.  It is like eating sweets.  They consume it 
   with gusto.  It all justifies their lowest instincts.  The 
   television programs year after year, a little at a time, 
   desensitize the population to immorality and wickedness, pushing 
   moral standards lower and lower.   Homosexuality is portrayed 
   as acceptable.  Sexual immorality is glamorized.  Obscenity is 
   the new norm. In this way, the screen writers, actors and 
   producers are leaders leading the population down that broad 
   road that Jesus referred to when he warned against the broad 
   road and in favor of the narrow road.  Like credulous sheep the 
   masses just blindly follow, oblivious to the eternal 

   In addition to all this, in a society that reveres science, the 
   field of psychiatry, purporting to be scientific and 
   authoritative, lends its support and "credentials" to the modern 
   atheistic, humanistic outlook.  Products of a degenerate 
   culture, they use their social status and weight to support godless, 
   moral degeneracy.  And the politicians all follow.  The 
   government follows.  And the schools follow.  And the 
   population is led down into the moral abyss, starting with the 
   school children.  In all of this the population finds itself in 
   direct conflict with the teachings of Christianity.  And in 
   response Christianity is either twisted into something that 
   conforms to their moral degeneracy --- some degenerate, apostate 
   form of Christianity --- or is perceived as erroneous, radical and 
   unacceptable, an enemy of truth (their truth). 

   Aug 2010

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