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Tools of Satan; Tactics and Tricks used by the Devil

   Satan has his tactics, his tricks for ensnaring people and 
   getting them over into his camp.  He has his bag of tricks, his 
   bag of tools.  What are they?   Let us name some.

 1. TEMPTATION.  This tactic utilizes the trick of luring.  He 
   employs baited traps.  In employing this trick he appeals to 
   our base desires, inclinations and appetites.  He puts a 
   temptation before us.  It can be of many forms -- sexual 
   temptation, temptation to steal, cheat, lie, etc.  When he 
   confronts us with a temptation he is right there working on us.  
   He will be saying, "Everyone else is doing it.  How can it be 
   so wrong if everyone else is doing it?  Is everybody wrong?"  
   He will be there telling us all kinds of lies, trying to 
   persuade us that it is not really so bad.  He will be giving us 
   all kinds of excuses and reasons to ignore the voices of 
   conscience, prudence and good sense and to go ahead and do it.  
   He is a very articulate and clever fellow.  Recall his 
   articulateness and cleverness with Eve in the Garden of Eden 
   when he induced her to eat the forbidden apple. 

 2. INTIMIDATION.  In this tactic he tells us that if we don't go 
   his way we will suffer the consequences, pay the price i.e. if we 
   don't go his way we will put ourselves in danger of ruin and 
   destruction.  He will tell the young teenager that if he 
   doesn't go along with the crowd, in its wrong, immoral ways, if 
   he doesn't act so as to fit in with it and obtain its approval, 
   he will be ostracized and rejected and end up all by himself.  
   He will tell an employee that if he doesn't laugh at the dirty 
   jokes, fit in and go along, he will be disliked, isolated, and 
   could end up incurring the displeasure of his superiors and 
   losing his job. He will tell a person that if he stands true to
   to what is right, if he stands up and speaks up for what he knows
   is right, he will be ridiculed, mocked, jeered; subject to scorn
   and laughter. (Oh, what a great role the fear of ridicule 
   plays in the affairs of man!) 

 3. LYING.  Satan is the great master of lie, deception, falsehood 
   and illusion.  When it comes to lie, deceit and trickery he has 
   no equal.  He rules this world and he rules by lie, falsehood, 
   and illusion.  We live in a world immersed in lie, Satanic lie.   
   The Bible refers to him as the father of lies, the great 
   deceiver, the god of this world, the prince of this world, the 
   tempter, the wicked one, the spirit that works in the children 
   of disobedience.  He is the great con man, the great scam 
   artist.  He is the great impersonator, representing himself as 
   a messenger of goodness and righteousness.  In Corinthians we 
   read, "For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  
   Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be 
   transformed into ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be 
   according to their works." 2 Cor 11:14-15.  He is deeply 
   involved everywhere in this world, and in no place more than in 
   churches.  False beliefs, false teachings.  False doctrine, 
   false dogma.  Doctrinal error.  Apostate Christianity.  He is 
   behind it all.  The mind of this world; the outlooks, attitudes 
   and values of this world; The basic tenets and assumptions of
   this world.  Psychiatry, psychology, their pronouncements.  It is 
   all the mind and outlook of Satan, the mind of sinful, unregenerate 
   man.  Rampant adultery, fornication.  Immorality winked at and 
   glamorized.  Homosexuality condoned and accepted.  That is the 
   way of Satan.  He rules a world living in gross self-deception.  
   He tells people there is no God, no hell, no Satan -- that 
   those are all outdated ideas.  They are all his lies.  He is 
   the con artist and the masses of humanity are his dupes. 

   Nov 2008

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