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Principles for Living Life

   What is the secret to a happy life?  How does one acquire 
   happiness, peace and mental health?  The secret lies in 
   outlooks, attitudes, values and habits of the mind.  Live by 
   the following principles: 

     - put spiritual things first;  nothing is as important as 
         spiritual things.  Seek understanding, wisdom, knowledge,

     - flee argument;  seek peace, quiet, harmony 

     - pursue honesty, sincerity, naturalness, simplicity 

     - avoid idleness;  try to keep busy 

     - reject intellectual authority;  trust no one's mind but 
         your own;  learn to trust and rely on your own sense and
         judgment;  pursue common sense 

     - know yourself and be yourself 

     - love, fear, revere and obey God;  let your full allegiance 
         be to Him; take him and his commandments seriously;  love
         Goodness; meditate on the value of Goodness and the folly
         of Badness;  pursue Virtue 

     - simplify! simplify! simplify!  keep life as simple as 
         possible;  pursue "the simple life" and reflect on its 
         merits;  avoid the Sophisticated and the Superficial;  
         question fads and fashions 

     - cultivate thrift and frugality 

     - flee hatred, resentment, bitterness, anger, malice, envy 
          and other such self-destructive feelings; stay clear of 
          them; don't let them gain a hold on your mind; carry no 
          malice or anger against any man 

     - flee cynicism and sarcasm 

     - cultivate humility, meekness, patience and a mild, warm, 
          friendly, even disposition

     - never return evil for evil; do not retaliate for wrongs 
          done to you; leave justice to God; act maliciously 
          toward no man; never even wish bad for another person

     - do not judge another person; leave judgment to God

     - watch your language; let no blasphemy, profanity, or low 
          words ever pass your lips; let your language be pure           

     - always do what is right, live by your conscience;  always 
          have consideration for your neighbor;  treat him
          properly;  do what is right by him 

     - establish and cultivate good habits (such as abstinence 
          from drinking, smoking, gambling, drug use, etc.) 

     - always be dependable and responsible;  always be true to 
          your word;  never break a promise 

     - always tell the truth;  never lie 

     - question the assumptions, ideas, views, attitudes, values, 
          and pursuits of society;  examine them and re-examine
          them;  trust them not;  seek truth 

     - pursue justice, fairness, and impartiality;  be objective 
          and fair in your thinking;  give to each man his due; 
          get the facts first and be slow in passing judgment;
          love Truth and pursue it

     - pursue substance rather than appearance;  don't worry about 
          appearance, let people think what they will;  don't let
          appearances become your object

     - stay strictly away from the morally impure. Have nothing 
          to do with it.  Avoid it in all forms.        

   Oct 1977

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