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Self-sufficient Country Living

   Do your needs keep your nose to the grindstone?  Do you feel 
   like you are a captive to the 9 to 5 lifestyle?  Do you feel 
   like it is a treadmill from which there is no hope of rescue?  
   Do you dream of a life without bosses, in which you would grow 
   or make everything you would need for living?  Like to live out 
   in the clean air and good country like the pioneers did on 
   their homesteads?  Have you wondered if it would really be 
   possible and practical to live in a totally self-sufficient way 
   like this? 

 Image:  Living a self-sufficient life out in the country.  
    Living in a house you built yourself; growing your own food; 
    raising some chickens, geese, rabbits, goats and perhaps 
    some other livestock; selling some of your produce for 
    pocket cash.  Out of the rat race with no bosses to put up 
    with, no frustrating commutes in rush hour traffic, no rent 
    payments to make. 

 Q. To what extent is the above image a practical possibility?  
    To what extent is it just an impractical, unachievable pipe 
    dream?  What would be the drawbacks to this kind of life?  
    How idyllic would such a life be? 

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