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A cautionary note to my readers

   These things you are reading were written over a period of 
   years, dating back at least 30 years.  From youth I have 
   disliked the system and dreamed of living quietly out in the 
   country independently of it and the writings reflect my 
   sentiments and dreams over the years.  However, in fact, I have 
   lived within the system, endured it, lived by it and by its 
   rules.  I worked at a job for 34 years.  I am now 67 and 
   retired.  My wife has also always worked.  She is still 
   working.  We have lived a quiet, simple, frugal (and happy) 
   life in suburbia.  I have never liked the city but life is 
   never perfect and one always has to put up with things he 
   doesn't like.  Practical considerations have kept us here.  I 
   would point out that there are some things that one can 
   practice wherever he lives -- things like simplicity, 
   frugality, etc..  You can practice many of things I have 
   written about without moving to the country.  I believe in good 
   common sense and practical mindedness.  There are some things 
   about the idea of living self-sufficiently out in the country 
   that I have questions about.  The main one relates to health 
   care.  How are you going to deal with medical needs?  Can you 
   afford to buy health insurance?  It is expensive.  Do you dare 
   to go without it?  Sooner or later we all have need for doctors 
   and health care.  We live by a healthy lifestyle, seem very 
   healthy, and then, out of the blue, we suddenly have some 
   ailment or problem.  I have seen enough of life to believe that 
   it happens to essentially all of us.  We are all probably 
   genetically predisposed to some kind of ailment or another.  
   And if it requires operations and hospitalization the bill for 
   it all can be gigantic.  I consider this to be a very serious 
   question and something to give thought to. 

   I do not recommend that anyone embark on a self-sufficient 
   lifestyle out in the country without careful and serious 
   thought.  I still dislike the system just as much as I ever 
   have but one must be practical. 

   Feb 2007

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