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America, a corrupt, depraved, shameless country

It is interesting that all the things that would be cause for great shame, embarrassment and personal humiliation in a morally healthy society are done with no sense of shame or embarrassment in our society. What am I thinking of? I am thinking of things like cohabitation, promiscuity, fornication, homosexuality, having children outside wedlock, lying, cheating, etc. These things are everywhere in our society. They are commonplace. They are all around us. No one thinks anything about them. The social stigma against them is gone. We are a bold, brazen, shameless country. A country duped and deceived by the lying voice of modern liberalism. A country that just does whatever it pleases --- whatever its corrupt, degenerate imagination can conceive. A country in love with wickedness. A country dancing merrily down that primrose path that leads to eternal damnation, eternal fire. It doesn’t know God. It doesn’t believe in God. Americans tend to go on the tacit assumption that money is everything. It is the only thing that matters. That and certain social issues. Sexual conduct just doesn’t matter. One’s sexual conduct is no-one’s business. Let everyone do as he pleases. Political discussions usually center around questions of money and economics on both sides of the political isle — and never around sexual morality. Issues of sexual morality carry essentially no weight at the voting booth. It is other questions that are important — not it. Who cares about the moral conduct of the candidate running for the office? Who cares about his outlook on moral issues? It is his stand on other issues that is important. Well, from the Biblical perspective, morality is everything. It outweighs all else. Little does America know that morality is the measure of a man, the only measure by which the human soul will be measured in that last Day of Judgment. Little does it understand that morality is everything. Little does it understand that a bad day is on the horizon.

In a moral society not a person in ten thousand would condone anything as gross and immoral as homosexuality or homosexual marriage. Just the sheer numbers that support homosexual marriage here in America are an indication of the depth of the depravity, degeneracy, decadence of the society. Just these numbers are a measure of the distance that the society is from Christianity (true Christianity). Goodness, virtue, moral purity, moral straightness are at the very heart of Christianity. You simply won’t go to heaven without them. Christianity is about repenting of wickedness and living right — living an honest, clean, straight, good life. The very fact that so many people in our society who call themselves Christian, view themselves as Christian, go to church, could condone a sin so gross as homosexuality shows the gigantic distance that modern American Christianity has gotten from New Testament Christianity. In the Biblical outlook homosexuality is a sin that is just “off the chart” in its degree of wickedness. How can a person condone a sin of that magnitude and view himself as Christian? It shows the great corrupting and perverting process that has occurred in modern Christianity over the years. How could it have happened? It happened because so many people who view themselves as Christian are not attuned to the Bible and to God. They are attuned to the wicked society they live in. The authority they listen to is Satan and not God. They are Christian in name only.

Where is integrity in our society? Where is moral principle? Where do you see it? Lack of integrity is almost universal. Lying is everywhere. Corruption is almost universal. Moral degeneracy is almost universal.

Personal morality is of fundamental importance to a society. A building is only as good as the material it is built with. If you build a house of straw, stubble and mud it won’t stand up under the heavy rains. If you build a flimsy building of cardboard it won’t stand up under the heavy winds. The people of a society are the fundamental building blocks of a society. All of the institutions of a society are composed of people. Institutions are structures consisting of people. The institutions are only as good as the people who make them up. Government from the national level down to the local level, the legal system, the school system, the health system, the police system, the military. Corporate and personal businesses. These are all organizations composed of people. All these organizations have to obtain their staffing from some pool. If that pool is polluted, ill-smelling and bad, they still must take from it. If the only kind of people an organization can find for its staffing are ignorant people who are scarcely able to read or write, it is forced to hire ignorant, inept people. If the only people in the pool are highly dishonest schemers, it must hire highly dishonest schemers. If all the people in the pool are lazy good-for-nothings, it must hire lazy good-for-nothings. Nursing homes must hire their care givers from some pool. That pool doesn’t include everyone in the country. It only includes people who live locally and would qualify for that work and who would be willing to accept the wages being offered. Management has to take what they can get. Normally they will try to get the best they can find. (But if an organization has to comply with a maze of foolish government laws and regulations on how they can hire, they may end up hiring the worse and not the best.) The moral condition of a society determines the quality of life in the society. If all the bosses and supervisors across this land are moral degenerates, be sure that it will affect your quality of living. If you can’t find or hold a job without prostituting yourself, bending to immoral demands, it will affect your quality of life. If all the teachers in all the schools of our land, elementary through college, are godless perverts, be sure that your children will be affected. If all our legislators are devoid of principle or morals, be sure it will affect the kind of laws that they make, and be sure it will affect you. If all the judges on the benches across the country are corrupt, be sure it will affect you. If all the policemen of this country lack in principle, be sure it will affect you. To have a good society, it must be made up of good, moral people.

There has been a moral collapse in America of colossal proportions. America has gone from a morally healthy, God fearing country to a world center of gross depravity and immorality, a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We live in a country that has lost its moral bearings, a country that doesn’t know right from wrong. It is a society where shocking, numbing, gut-wrenching things are happening. Anti-discrimination laws enacted by our Congress are forcing professional photographers to go against their personal religious beliefs and convictions, to go against their conscience, and take pictures for gay weddings. The same laws are forcing owners of bakeries, against their personal convictions, to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings. Our country is forcing local courts in Utah, against their wishes, to conduct gay marriages. This is moral outrage! Homosexuality is gross sin, high wickedness! For the government of a country to officially support high wickedness is wickedness of a far higher order! Our government is trampling the natural, inherent rights of the Good and Moral in order to advance the homosexual agenda. Our supreme court has openly affirmed the dominance of the rights of the gays. Our country has openly taken its stand — a stand against Goodness, Righteousness and Morality. It has affirmed its commitment to Immorality and Depravity. It has demonstrated where its sympathies and feelings lie. It is all an obscenity against that most High God, an obscene finger raised at Him! A shocking obscenity! How could any young person growing up in America today see anything to believe in, engulfed on all sides as he is by our degenerate, wicked society? It is a criminal injustice to our youth!

The position of the Bible on homosexuality is crystal clear. There is no ambiguity in it. Its position is that it is wickedness of the n-th degree, that it leads to hell, that those who practice it will be damned. The pro-homosexual attitude of our government (and a large portion of our society) of great sympathy and concern for the homosexual (and of bias and hostility against people who believe homosexuality is wrong), is a lot more than might appear on the surface. It represents audacious defiance against God. It constitutes a bold contradiction of God and an implicit condemnation of Him. For, of course, if homosexual conduct is morally OK, then God’s condemnation of it is necessarily unjust, wrong, and evil. Condemnation of Christians for their attitude toward homosexuality is also necessarily a condemnation of God’s position with regard to it. The entire modern liberal’s position on homosexuality amounts to an arrogant judgment on God. The modern liberal has set himself up as a moral authority with the power to decide right and wrong and to judge and condemn God himself. The modern liberal is arrogant in the extreme and a tyrant at heart. You have to do things his way. He is totally intolerant of opposition. We see that in all the “political correctness” that has so taken over America. People are no longer allowed to have their own opinions. Laws are made to intimidate those who refuse to fall in line. Modern liberalism is slowly leading man towards an intolerant, anti-God, coercive ideological state that will reduce its citizenry to serfdom. An ugly, oppressive state that will destroy the spirit of man. A state that will crush him. An evil state that will become an incubus on his back from which he will be unable to free himself. Modern liberalism is evil. There is a power in this world who is a great enemy of God. He is referred to in the Bible by such names as the “Prince of this World” and the “Great Deceiver”. He hates God, Virtue, Decency, Morality, Goodness and all that God stands for with a passion. He is the original great rebel against God. His name is Satan. To understand America and the modern western world, you must understand Satan. His fingerprints are all over modern liberalism. For a real understanding of things, you must understand sympathies, where sympathies lie. The sympathies and attitudes of the modern western world are those of Satan. The masses follow him without even knowing it.

Americans have become very sympathetic towards the homosexual. They are showing great empathy and concern for him. I think it is very interesting, very curious, that it just happens that that behavior that they have become so tolerant and sympathetic toward is that great sin of sins of the Bible, that very sin toward which God has shown himself to be so very intolerant and hostile. What a very interesting coincidence! It shows the depth of the godlessness of the country.

America, a wellspring of moral corruption, wickedness, dirt and filth. America, wicked in the n-th degree, extending herself around the world, corrupting and polluting the world. America, a great wide sewer, a great evil-smelling cesspool of filth. Great technological advances and increasing personal wealth accompanied by ever and ever increasing moral depravity and wickedness.

Americans have become acclimated to a climate of wickedness and depravity. They like all the moral permissiveness. It suits them. They are comfortable with it. It gives them license and freedom. Freedom to do whatever they wish. They are so comfortable with their environment that they are no longer able to distinguish between right and wrong. Anyone who objects to their depraved ways is a radical, a lunatic, a crazy nut.

The Old Testament of the Bible is full of accounts of nations that God took down because of their great wickedness. God doesn’t like sin. He will not tolerate gross wickedness. God will take down America. I have no doubt about that. His fist will certainly come down on her. What form it will take, I don’t know. Whether it be by some great natural cataclysm, a total collapse of the monetary system, Islamic terrorists detonating nuclear weapons in our cities, or some great incoming barrage of nuclear missiles that reduces us to radioactive ash, I don’t know. But whatever method he chooses, I am certain it will happen. America’s future prospects do not look very good to me. She has just gone over the line by too far. He rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. He cannot overlook America.

Dec 2013

Consider the following articles:


16 Cold Hard Facts That Prove That America Has Become A Nation Full Of Perverts And Predators

By Michael Snyder, on February 2nd, 2010

Much of the discussion about the rapid decline of the American Dream is typically focused on the economic collapse that we have been experiencing. But that is only part of the story. The truth is that one of the biggest reasons why the American Dream is coming to an end for so many people is because our nation has become morally rotten to the core. America is no longer a nation full of good, solid, moral people that you can trust your children with. Instead, America has now become a nation of self-centered, greedy, corrupt, wicked people most of which appear to be obsessed with lust, pleasure and entertainment. The fundamental character of the people in the United States has changed. We can all feel it. We all know it on some level, although it can be hard to put that feeling into words. But unless the moral rot that is plaguing our society is addressed, the solutions to all of our other problems will continue to evade us.

The following are 16 cold, hard facts that prove that America has now become a nation full of perverts….

#1) According to one major study, one out of every four married men in the United States confesses to having at least one extramarital affair. That is just the men who will admit it. Imagine how many others are having affairs but who are still trying to lie about it. The truth is that marriage is one of the foundational institutions that society is built upon, but in America today it means next to nothing.

#2) A Focus on the Family survey found that 47% percent of American families said that pornography is a problem in their home. That is not just a minor problem – that is a national epidemic.

#3) More than 70% of men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 34 visit at least one pornographic website in a typical month. Yes, you read that correctly – 70 percent.

#4) 89 percent of all pornography is created in the United States. 11 percent is made in the rest of the world. And yet we like to think of ourselves as so “moral” compared to the rest of the globe.

#5) Researchers conducting a major study at the University of Montreal recently launched a search for men who had never looked at pornography – but could not find a single one.

#6) Law enforcement officials estimate that about 600,000 Americans and 65,000 Canadians are trading dirty child pictures online. They also say that the profits from creating and trading these images is approximately two to three billion dollars every single year.

#7) Young men in the United States are so addicted to sex and are so incredibly irresponsible that they are getting record numbers of young teen girls pregnant. In fact, it was recently reported that 115 girls at one high school in Chicago alone either already have a baby or are pregnant right now. That is absolutely mind blowing.

#8) Thanks to the moral depravity of our young American men, one out of every four teen girls in the United States now has an STD and more than 25 percent of the residents of New York City now have herpes. Our moral sickness is spreading physical sickness all over the place and is placing a tremendous strain on our health care system.

#9) Last year, MySpace representatives and law enforcement officials worked in conjunction and were finally able to announce that approximately 90,000 sex offenders had been identified and removed from MySpace. But doesn’t it disturb you that there were 90,000 known offenders running around on MySpace in the first place?

#10) Authorities estimate that there are well over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United States today. Just think about that. 60 million Americans who were abused as kids. That statistic alone proves that America is a nation just brimming with perverts.

#11) Today there are approximately 400,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Yes, that is correct. 400,000 of them. In fact, there are websites out there where you can see how many of them live on your street. You might just be surprised.

#12) Authorities also estimate that about 95% of all teenage prostitutes were sexually abused as children. The abuse of children in the United States is a national tragedy and a national disgrace.

#13) According to researchers, convicted rapists in the United States report that two-thirds of their victims were under 18 and 58% of those said their victims were 12 years old or younger. How sick is that?

#14) One shocking survey revealed that American men are so completely addicted to pornography that a large number of them can’t even wait to get home to look at it. The survey found that 25 percent of American employees that have Internet access visit pornography websites while they are at work. Do you know what your employees are doing?

#15) The truth is that producing dirty pictures for Americans is very, very big business. 89 dollars is spent on pornography every single second of every single day in the United States.

#16) In fact, porn industry revenue is larger than all of the revenues for all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises combined. Just take a moment to think about that.

After reading all of the facts listed above, is there any doubt that America has become a nation that is absolutely overflowing with sickos, weirdos and perverts?

No, there is not.

The United States has become a place where you cannot let your children go out to play in the neighborhood without watching them like a hawk.

The United States has become a place where pedophiles and sexual predators roam neighborhoods and roam Internet chat rooms in increasingly large numbers.

The United States has become a place where looking at dirty pictures and movies on the Internet has become one of the most treasured forms of home entertainment.

Many people are scratching their heads and are wondering why the American Dream is falling apart. Sure, the fact that the U.S. has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world is a huge reason why it is happening. But also the fact that we have become a nation full of perverts is another gigantic reason for our downfall.

The truth is that there is NO hope for the future of the United States if we continue to behave like this. No nation can frolic in the moral toilet and be a great nation at the same time for long. We are destroying our nation by what we have allowed ourselves to become. We have become a nasty, disgusting nation and we desperately need to wake up.


The following article shows the fruit of the moral disintegration in America. This is where America is headed and it is not good. Sooner or later this ship is going to sink.


Study: Nearly half of black men arrested by age 23

By Morgan Whitaker

Nearly half of all black men and four in ten white men have been arrested for a non-traffic-related crime by the age of 23, according to a new study.

The study published in “Crime & Delinquency” journal comes from criminal justice professors who studied data collected annually from a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey between 1997 and 2008, and found that while there were differences between the arrest rates of males across race, those gaps virtually disappeared among females.

By the age of 18, about three in ten black men, one in four Hispanic men and just over one in five white men reported a prior arrest. By 23, those numbers climbed to 49% for black men, 44% for Hispanic men, and 38% for white men.

Women reported significantly lower arrest rates, with 20% of black women, 16% of Hispanic women, and 18% of white women recording at least one arrest by the age of 23.

The researchers say the findings are unlikely to surprise anyone familiar with the field of subject.

“Among criminologists, I don’t think they’re that surprised or alarmed by the findings,” University of South Carolina criminology professor Robert Brame told the Associated Press. “The alarm and concern is among people not as familiar with the patterns.”

In their report, the researchers said they hope that the data will help put a greater focus on the “collateral risks that often accompany arrest experiences” including job searches and school applications.

“Many, many people are involved with the criminal justice system at this level,” University at Albany criminologist Shawn Bushway told the AP. “And treating them all as if they’re hardened criminals is a serious mistake.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken steps to address that issue, proposing to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18, which would keep younger non-violent offenders in the juvenile court system rather than adult courts.

“Our juvenile justice laws are outdated,” he said. “It’s not right, it’s not fair – we must raise the age.”

President Obama, who has acknowledged that his own youth was checkered with indescretions, addressed the issue of how brushes with the criminal justice system can make it harder for many young Americans to find jobs later in life at a town hall event in Ohio in 2010.

“I’m 29 years old, and I’ve never had a job in my life,” said an audience member who identified himself as Jerome. “I went to jail when I was younger. It’s like hard to get a job as a felon. Is this – any programs that hire people with felonies like something that – because it’s sad, it’s like – 29 years old, I’m 29.”

“There are people who’ve made mistakes, particularly when they’re young, and it is in all of our interests to help them redeem themselves and then get on a straight path,” the president responded. “Now, I don’t blame employers obviously for being nervous about hiring somebody who has a record. It’s natural if they’ve got a lot of applicants for every single job that that’s a question that they’d have in their minds. On the other hand, I think one of the great things about America is we give people second chances.”

He touted his support for the Second Chance Act, which helps fund programs focused on reintegrating of ex-felons back into mainstream society.

“It’s smart for us to do,” he added. “Sometimes people say, well, that’s just coddling people. No; you reduce the recidivism rate, they pay taxes, it ends up being smart for taxpayers to do.”

Jan 2014




Evil sits on the throne in this country. The wicked rule and the righteous are trampled. Consider the following:

Government to Farmers: Host Same-Sex Wedding or Pay a $13,000 Fine


Aug 2014





Signs of total disintegration of American morals are everywhere. Consider the following:


Sheriff: Hundreds watched 'gang rape' in Panama City Beach in broad daylight, did nothing to stop it


By Dennis Pillion

 [email protected]

Apr 15, 2015


Bay County (Fla.) Sheriff Frank McKeithen said he "will not back off" in seeking changes to tamp down spring break behavior in Panama City Beach Friday after two Troy University students were arrested in connection with a video that McKeithen said showed a "gang rape" that occurred on the beaches of Panama City Beach last month.

McKeithen said the video shows a 19-year-old victim who appeared to be incapacitated on a chair behind Spinnaker Beach Club when she was assaulted by multiple men. McKeithen said the incident occurred "in the broad, open daylight," and hundreds of bystanders did not try to stop the incident or report it to authorities.

"Within 10 feet from where this is happening there are hundreds, hundreds of people standing there watching, looking, seeing, hearing what is going on, and yet our culture and our society and our young people have got to the point where obviously this is acceptable somewhere, but I will tell you it is not acceptable in Bay County," McKeithen said.

He called the video "probably one of the most disgusting, repulsive, sickening things that I have seen this year on Panama City Beach, and I have seen a lot of them."

"This is disgusting," he said. "We have got to get control of our beaches, it is not safe for our children to be out there on the beaches when these animals are out there."

The victim told investigators that she believes she may have been drugged and that she did not report the incident because she did not remember what happened. The incident happened between March 10-12.

"You need to wake up and see what's going on," McKeithen said. "This is what we see every day."

The video surfaced on April 2. a shooting in Troy, Ala. The Troy Police Department discovered the video on a witness's cell phone, and turned it over to the BCSO, which charged Delonte' Martistee, 22, of Bainbridge, Ga., and Ryan Austin Calhoun, 23, of Mobile, with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators. Additional arrests are expected in the case.

Earlier this week, the BCSO held a press conference to highlight the volume of drugs and guns confiscated during this year's spring break, which was dramatically higher than in previous years. Among the 49 guns taken into evidence this year (up from nine in 2014), was the one used in the shooting at a house party that injured seven people.

At that press conference, Maj. Tommy Ford of the BCSO compared the criminal element of spring break to a cancer and said that like cancer, treatment for the "tumor" might cause harm to the rest of the body, meaning that businesses in the area might suffer as officials seek to gain control over a dangerous situation.

McKeithen has been among those pushing for stricter spring break ordinances, including one barring alcohol from the beaches and parking lots and one to prevent people under 21 from entering bars or clubs. Those measures will be considered at future meetings of both the Bay County Commission and the Panama City Beach City Council. McKeithen promised to be "more aggressive" in pursuing the new ordinances.

"I've asked for help, I've asked for changes more than one year, more than two years," McKeithen said. "We've asked, we've asked, people talk, people talk, people promise, and nothing gets done."





See the following article for insight into the depth and breadth of the great depravity into which America has fallen. It is a great article but please note that I do not endorse the theology of the author and people behind The Real Truth Magazine ( They have at least some, and perhaps many, ideas that I don’t agree with.


The immorality explosion!






Consider the following article. What does the conduct described here say about the moral state of America today?


Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”





And what do you think about the following YouTube video (do a Google search)?


The Clinton Murders                       YouTube

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