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On modern intellectualism

   The universities of modern America are bastions, hotbeds of 
   modern intellectualism.  Modern intellectualism.  What is it? 
   What are the characteristics of modern intellectualism?

   - it is atheistic, agnostic, humanistic in its outlooks

   - it places great emphasis on tolerance --- tolerance of 
       outlook, value and conduct.  Its underlying outlook tends 
       to be that all ways are right, all views and outlooks are 
       OK, all is relative, there is no absolute right and wrong;  
       all is shades of gray and a matter of opinion; there is no 
       divine authority, only  the authority of each man's opinion.  
       Without a God, who is to say what is right and wrong? Its 
       outlooks are the humanistic outlooks of moral relativism.  
       It is antagonistic toward the Bible and the moral absolutes 
       of the Bible.  For all its emphasis on tolerance, however, 
       it is not tolerant toward those who disagree with its 
       views.  What it really expects is tolerance towards all 
       kinds of conduct, tolerance of immorality and sin.  And it 
       wants to force everyone into its attitude of viewing all 
       conduct as acceptable.  It wants freedom of speech, freedom 
       of conduct, freedom to live as you want.  But it doesn't 
       want freedom of speech for its enemies.  It wants them and 
       their views suppressed.  Its outlooks make their way into 
       our educational system as diversity training, tolerance 
       training.  And at bottom, all this "diversity training" is 
       aimed at one thing:  forcing people to accept that great 
       sin of sins: homosexuality.  It hates moral conservatives 
       and labels them "judgmental" ( I note that any sinner who 
       sins and then declares, "I have not sinned" will regard the 
       upright as judgmental --- there is a clash in outlook). 

   - it tends to be biased toward socialism and communism and 
       biased against capitalism.  

   How does this outlook of modern intellectualism compare with 
   the Biblical outlook?  It is diametrically opposed to it.  The 
   Biblical outlook is that there is right and wrong, Good and 
   Evil, morality and immorality, right conduct and wrong conduct, 
   righteousness and wickedness. And that in the end the Good 
   will be rewarded and the Bad will be punished.  The Bible 
   teaches the existence of both a heaven and a hell --- a heaven 
   of eternal bliss and a hell of everlasting torment.  We 
   find in the Bible a God who loves goodness and detests evil 
   (a God who is intolerant towards evil).

Atheistic world-view: no God, no hereafter, no right or wrong, no 
   final accountability for conduct and behavior in this life.

Biblical world-view: a supreme God, a hereafter, a heaven, a hell, 
   a great final judgment in which all souls will be judged with 
   full accountability for their behavior and conduct on this earth. 

   Why is it that our universities are so overrun by this anti-
   Bible, anti-Christian point of view?  Indeed our entire 
   educational system (public schools and universities) is overrun 
   by this secular, humanistic outlook.  Why is this?  Reason does 
   not support the beliefs, outlooks and values of modern 
   intellectualism.  Reason does not support atheism or 
   agnosticism.  It supports belief in a God.  Reason does not 
   support moral relativism.  It supports the strict morality that 
   we find taught in the Bible.  Reason does not support socialism 
   and communism.  It supports free enterprise, capitalism.   
   (Socialism doesn't work and there are good reasons why it 
   doesn't work.)  So why do our modern intellectuals adhere so 
   strongly to an outlook that Reason does not support, an outlook 
   against reason?  You would think that the outlooks of 
   university professors would be based in reason.  But they are 
   not.  Why?  Answer: Because reason is not the real basis for 
   their belief.  They believe as they do because it is something 
   they want to believe.  They like the moral license.  They like 
   the ideas.  They are blinded and duped by the Devil.  They may 
   put forth arguments for their point of view, but their 
   arguments are weak and wrong.  They live in intellectual error 
   and foolishness.  But why is there not any alternative 
   viewpoint being represented in our schools?  Why isn't there 
   anyone putting forth the conservative Christian viewpoint?  
   Well, we have our constitution and this idea of the separation 
   of church and state.  According to the way our constitution is 
   being interpreted it is illegal to present the conservative 
   Christian viewpoint in our schools (i.e. it is illegal to 
   present the truth in our schools).  Religion is strictly 
   prohibited from the classroom.  Now what do you think of that?  
   So there is only one viewpoint left in the classroom.  The 
   opposite viewpoint. The "secular", atheistic, humanistic 
   viewpoint.  The Devil really has everything set up for himself 
   doesn't he?  Our children are being indoctrinated in an 
   atheistic, amoral philosophy.  They are being trained up in the 
   humanist "religion".  All sides and views are not considered in 
   the classroom.  There is no classroom debate.  Our constitution 
   permits this because humanism is not classed as a religion and 
   is thus welcome in the classroom.  But whether you call it a 
   religion or not, it is a life philosophy.  And it is wrong.  
   And it leads to hell.  So our children are being trained up for 
   the road to hell.  Considering the monopoly that humanism has 
   in our school system, is it any wonder that the people in 
   positions of power in our country tend to be so liberal and 
   anti-Christian?  Is it any surprise we have so many liberal 
   judges interpreting law to conform to their own godless 
   outlooks?  Or so many liberal laws coming out of our congress?  
   All these people that rule us went to liberal colleges and were 
   schooled in all the false and foolish outlooks of humanism.  
   What is the net result of all this?  Disintegration of morals.  
   A country descending deeper and deeper into moral depravity and 
   degeneracy.  Deep moral sickness.  It is all really great for 
   Satan.  He loves it.  He will have lots of company in hell.  
   And there is nothing anyone can do about it.  It is the law.  
   The constitution.  The law of the land.  Set in concrete.

   The current degenerate moral state of our country is not at all 
   surprising.  I saw it all coming 50 years ago.  I was shocked 
   by the antics of Alvis Presley back in the 1950's and sensed 
   the implications of his great popularity.  I knew from his 
   popularity we were going down a slippery slope, knew bad things 
   were coming.  A few years after that we had the big hippie 
   movement and all its long hair, free love and drugs.  That had 
   me in deep amazement and shock for years.  That really told me 
   a whole lot about people that I would never have believed when 
   I was younger.  From there we have come to where we are.  As a 
   society becomes more and more degenerate it is to be expected 
   that its laws will change to reflect the depraved outlooks of 
   the society.  I expect our laws will become more and more 
   outrageous and shocking as time passes.  We are on a deep 
   downhill slope.  I don't expect any change in direction.  
   People are animals.  Not all, but a whole lot of them.  They 
   are much worse than animals actually.  They much exceed animals 
   in their capacity for depravity.  I expect that in the future a 
   true Christian will find himself persecuted.  That is where 
   things are headed.  Evil cannot stand Goodness.  Evil hates 
   Goodness.  Goodness shows it up for what it is.  It cannot 
   abide that.

   Modern intellectualism and Christianity are opposites. What one 
   loves the other hates.  They are inverses of each other.  Just 
   as God and Satan, Good and Evil are inverses, so Christianity 
   and modern intellectualism are inverses.

   A pro-homosexual, anti-Christian, liberal intellectual elite has 
   come into power here in America.  Their legislation, rulings and
   work is everywhere to be seen. They are the dominant force in all 
   branches of government - executive, legislative and judicial. And 
   this group of people is trying to force their godless outlooks, 
   attitudes and values upon the society. They are trying to force 
   their outlooks and values down the throats of the Christian.  
   Using such legislation as the hate-speech legislation they are 
   intimidating, harassing, suppressing and silencing true 
   Bible-believing Christians. America makes a big deal about all the 
   freedoms it supposedly offers -- freedom of speech, freedom of 
   religion, etc.  In actual fact it is passing laws suppressing 
   freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The true Christian is 
   under attack and being harassed. He is afraid to speak his mind on 
   the subject of homosexuality and he is afraid to use physical 
   discipline on his children (as the Bible instructs) for fear 
   of having them taken away from him. His attitudes, values and 
   beliefs are no longer acceptable or legal. An oppressive 
   super-state, a modern-day Sodom, is trying to coerce its citizenry 
   into its own debauched outlooks, attitudes and values.  It is 
   trying to impose its own religion on America, a religion straight 
   from Satan himself. A religion representing a set of values and 
   outlooks often called "political correctness".

   Why have not more Christians risen up in anger at the great tide 
   of modern intellectualism?  Because Christianity has become 
   corrupted.  Because Christians have become deceived, bamboozled 
   by the slick, smooth tongues of the intellectual elites. 
   Because modern Christians have lost their faith, lost their 
   knowledge of right and wrong, lost their Biblical foundation.

   Thou art my God, and I will praise thee; thou art my God. I will 
   exalt thee.  Psalms 118:28

   An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, And he who is 
   upright in the way is an abomination to the wicked.   Prov 29:27


   Apr 2009, with additions Mar 2012

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