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A Strategy Meeting at Satan's Headquarters

   Scene:  A strategy meeting at Satan's headquarters.  Satan is 
     instructing his managers on strategy for capturing souls. 

   Satan: You, I, we are all destined to one day face everlasting 
     torment in the fires of hell.  We know that.  But we shall be 
     sure that we have plenty of company.  We are going to take 
     the majority of the earth's population with us.  They also 
     shall suffer the same fate as we. 

     As you all know our main tool is the lie and one of our main 
     strategies has long been to get into our power the leaders in 
     the societies, those who have influence and power; for we 
     know that people are sheep, they follow leaders.  And we have 
     been especially successful in the Christian countries of 
     Europe and the Americas, especially the United States of 
     America.  Nowhere have we been more successful than in 
     America.  We now have essentially total control in Hollywood, 
     the entertainment industry, the mass media, the theological 
     seminaries, the teachers's colleges, the educational system, 
     the government.  They are all under our power now, all 
     controlled by our people.  We have a monopoly now on all the 
     critical apparatus of the society and can spread our lies 
     without challenge.  As you know our primary target is the 
     young.  If we can get the young into our bondage we almost 
     always have them for the rest of their lives and they can do 
     us great service for many years.  Our servants in Hollywood 
     and the entertainment industry have done us invaluable 
     service in glamorizing fornication, adultery, lewdness and 
     homosexuality and nowhere has their work been more valuable 
     than in the corruption and perversion of the hearts and minds 
     of the young.  The music industry, in particular, has done 
     great work for us in this area of youth perversion.  But the 
     contributions of these servants, though very great, still 
     cannot compare with the work of our servants in the pulpits 
     of that country.  As you know one of our main strategies has 
     long been to deceive the people into believing that there is 
     no hell, only a heaven (for if there is no hell, of course 
     there is no cost or punishment for sin) and the work of our 
     servants in the pulpits of America has been invaluable in 
     this regard.  Our lie that there is no hell goes 
     unchallenged.  Almost no one in the society now believes in a 
     hell.  We have been so successful that nowadays almost no 
     minister there ever preaches about a hell.  Another of our 
     important objectives has been to get people to question and 
     challenge the concept of sin itself, to question what 
     constitutes sin, and our people in the cloth there have been 
     invaluable in this regard by their preaching of moral 
     relativism.  Another gigantic accomplishment for us: Our 
     people in the ministry down there have beautifully 
     implemented the ploy of deceiving people into thinking that 
     if they perform some action or rite they are safe from hell, 
     that they can then sin without facing any consequences.  Our 
     objective in America has been to create a land devoid of 
     morals, a land enslaved to our way of hedonism, debauchery, 
     sin and vice and another group there that has been of 
     invaluable service in this regard has been our servants in 
     the government, especially in the judiciary branch of the 
     government.  Those in the judiciary have furthered our cause 
     in innumerable legal rulings, creating a climate where 
     badness reigns and goodness is in retreat.  They, along with 
     our servants in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 
     have successfully removed all religion from all government 
     institutions as well as the classrooms.  In our effort to 
     pervert the youth of America a group to which we owe a great 
     deal has been the educators.  By presenting their outlooks of 
     humanism, agnosticism and atheism to the young people they 
     have sown the proper seeds for our purposes.  And by their 
     mandatory rules for living in coed dorms for the first year 
     or two of college they create the perfect situation for us --
     for few can withstand the temptations of unsupervised 
     commingling of the sexes. 

     Our accomplishments around the earth, and especially in the 
     Christian countries of America and northern Europe, have been 
     superb, far greater than we had ever hoped.  Where do we go 
     from here?  We must continue our efforts to spread our lies 
     to every corner of the earth.  One of our best tools in the 
     perversion of the human soul and mind is pornography and we 
     must look for every way in which to spread it.  The internet 
     will be of great use to us in this regard.  We must continue 
     to push our efforts to promote homosexuality and to bring 
     about its acceptance around the earth, for there is no 
     grosser moral perversion than homosexuality, and once we have 
     them snared they but rarely get out.  We must support the 
     ACLU in all of their important efforts.  We must see that all 
     those who are our faithful servants are well rewarded and 
     that those few who are still standing for Morality and Truth 
     pay a good price for it and suffer.  Our most ardent and 
     faithful servants have always been the Liberals.  Be sure 
     that you reward them well for all their efforts.  I can 
     assure you we are going to have lots and lots of company in 
     hell! We may burn but they will too!  We will have entire 
     continents enjoying all the pleasures of hell with us!

   Mar 2001

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