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America, the wicked, shameless land.

   True Christianity is not just about loving good.  It is equally 
   about hating evil.  As Christians, we follow God's way, accept 
   his words and teaching as true, adopt his outlooks and values, 
   look at things the way he does.  We follow his values.  That is 
   his spirit within us.  When we read the Bible, we quickly learn 
   that God is a being of strong feelings.  He has a strong 
   love for goodness and, at the same time, a very strong loathing 
   and hatred for evil.  He is not a wishy-washy, broad-minded, 
   tolerant being without strong opinions.  He has a very  
   strong bias against sin.  His teachings center around 
   attitudes and conduct.  He loves good and he hates evil.  And 
   we learn in numerous places throughout the Bible that one sin 
   that he especially abhors is homosexuality.  For him it is a 
   sin of very great proportions.  One cannot read the Bible 
   honestly and seriously without understanding that.  A true 
   lover of God necessarily loathes homosexuality.  When I was a 
   boy growing up I was so grounded and ensconced in the Bible and 
   scripture that I didn't give much thought to homosexuality.  I 
   just knew, from having read the Bible, that it was a great and 
   terrible sexual sin in which men had sex with other men.  More 
   than that I didn't know.  I never heard people talk about it.  
   Having always been very selective in my friendships, I was 
   never around the kind of person that might talk about such a 
   subject.  If you had asked me about it I would have probably 
   said that there were probably a few homosexuals around, very 
   few, hiding in cracks here and there like roaches.  For me, 
   America was a great country and I wouldn't have ever thought of 
   it as a big center of world homosexuality.  If I had been told 
   that it was, I wouldn't have believed it, wouldn't have been 
   willing to believe it.  It would have been too incompatible 
   with my view of America as being a good and great country.  One 
   incident did occur in my early teens.  I overheard my parents 
   talking one day about a scandal at our church in which a single 
   fellow, a member of the church, was exposed as being a 
   homosexual who had perverted some of the young boys in the 
   church (it had come out because one of the boys had told his 
   parents).  The fellow disappeared from the church and I later 
   heard he had been put in an institution.  That was about the 
   only thing I ever heard about homosexuality in my youth and 
   never knew much about it until later in life when all the gays 
   started "coming out of the closet" and brazenly demanding their 
   acceptance and rights.  I do remember one thing.  When I was in 
   high school I asked myself a question that I just couldn't 
   answer.  I asked myself, "How is it possible for a man to have 
   sex with another man?"  I puzzled over this question for quite 
   a while, just couldn't figure it out, and became so curious 
   about it that I finally decided to ask someone.  I asked a 
   long-time friend if he knew.  He did know and rather 
   embarrassedly told me.  I remember being just totally shocked, 
   totally amazed and disgusted at such an idea.  Well, that was 
   then and now is now.  I remember in college being called a 
   "babe in the woods".  I have always been a bit of a loner, 
   selective in my friendships.  We all have our wavelengths and I 
   have always associated with people on my wavelength.  And there 
   has never been many.  I have always had a special liking and 
   preference for good, honest, decent, moral people.  I have never 
   cared much for low, immoral types.

   America.  What can I say?  I understand so much now that I 
   would never have believed when I was younger.  Truth in this 
   life is often ugly.  The older we get the more we see and the 
   worse things look.  Over the dinner table my wife, who is a 
   hairdresser, tells me things she has heard in the beauty shop.  
   My wife is my window to the real world.  People talk a lot in 
   the beauty shop.  One can learn a lot about people and life 
   there.  Through my wife I have been privy to continuing updates 
   on the intimate details of various people's lives.  I hear the 
   details about family quarrels, teenager problems, etc.  What is 
   happening with young teenagers is amazing.  I see it again and 
   again.  Teenagers without any principles or moral knowledge.  
   Young teenagers living low, degenerate, wild, wanton lives.  
   Teenagers breaking every rule of conscience and morality.  
   Lying, cheating, stealing, tricking their parents, sexual 
   wantonness.  Young people making rendezvous for sex over the 
   internet.  You name it.  It is all there.  About everything 
   short of murder.  I have a front row seat to comedies, people 
   living like animals.  When there are no rules, no moral 
   principles, that is the result you get.  Is all this an 
   accurate picture of what America really is?  Is this the real 
   America?  Is the picture I am getting typical?  According to a 
   2005 report of the National Center for Health Statistics: 

   -  over half of teenagers aged 15 to 19 have engaged in oral sex 
   with the proportion increasing with age to about 70% of all 18 
   and 19 year olds.  Proportions are about the same for boys and 

   -  11% of young women have had some kind of sexual experience 
   with a female partner

   -  half of 15 to 19 year olds have had vaginal intercourse

   Oral sex?!  Like homosexuality, it is totally beyond me!  It is 
   completely outside my mind, my comprehension.  That is all I 
   can say.

   When I was a boy in high school in the mid 1950's I developed a  
   pessimistic view of my society.  I was shocked by Elvis 
   Presley and his sexually suggestive antics right out on public 
   television.  I was shocked that he could be so popular.  I 
   wondered, What did the great popularity of such a person say 
   about the morality of our society?  It said to me that the 
   country was going downhill rapidly morally.  I thought at that 
   time that things were going to be really bad in another 50 
   years.  Well, it is now 50 years later.  Things have changed a 
   lot, just like I predicted.  And it has all been downhill.  Now 
   we have gone so low as to be at the point of condoning and 
   accepting that great sin of sins, that sin for which God lost 
   all patience and rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and 
   Gomorrah, homosexuality.  I didn't really think we would ever 
   get that low.  In my opinion, that is as low as you can go.  
   That is rock bottom.  To sin is one thing, but to condone sin, 
   and such a great sin as homosexuality, and say it is not sin, 
   is another.  That reveals total moral corruption.  That reveals 
   a total loss of moral sense, moral knowledge.

   The downward course of America does not come as a really great 
   surprise to a serious reader of the Bible.  No theme comes out 
   more strongly in the Bible than man's inclination toward 
   wickedness, evil, spiritual error.  Man is naturally disposed 
   towards questioning God and his ways, doubting the existence of 
   God, rebelling against God and his law.  Immorality, moral 
   degeneracy, sexual depravity is nothing new.  Homosexuality is 
   certainly not new.  It was practiced by many peoples in 
   Biblical times.  We learn that from the Bible.  Immorality has 
   existed as long as man himself.  The Bible is full of accounts 
   of men and peoples turning away from God and his laws and 
   towards wickedness.  Through time, history keeps repeating 
   itself.  However, wickedness is wickedness.   And God has 
   declared that there will be spiritual consequences for the 
   wicked.  There is a great spiritual law that must obtain in the 
   end:  the law of final justice ---  the righteous will be 
   rewarded and the wicked will be punished.  Unless the wicked 
   man repents of his sin and turns back to God he has the promise 
   of punishment. 

   People might tell me, "Oh, America is not so bad.  There are 
   many countries in the world that are worse."  They might cite 
   some countries.  They might cite some of the countries of 
   western Europe.  Well, that may be true.  But wickedness is 
   wickedness and the wicked will be judged.

   Many Americans regard themselves as Christians.  It is quite 
   amazing to me to see people singing, "Oh, how I love Jesus" on 
   Sunday and living like all the rest of the world on Monday.  
   Something just doesn't add up right.  I suspect some self-
   deception, a false sense of security. 

   Oct 2007

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