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Psychology and psychiatry --- so dangerous because they stand as competing authorities with the Bible

   Why are the (pseudo) sciences of psychology and psychiatry so 
   dangerous? They are dangerous because, unlike the other 
   sciences, they are in direct competition with the Bible.  By 
   their very nature they are in competition.  They are involved 
   with the same area, the same questions, the same concerns as 
   the Bible.  Both they and the Bible are concerned with the 
   questions of how one should live life;  both offer guidance to 
   man for dealing with the problems, frustrations, and stresses 
   of life.  And both claim to be authorities.  Thus the situation 
   is that one has two parallel and contending authorities on the 
   same subject to choose from and one must decide which one he is 
   going to choose.  He has to decide which one he has faith in, 
   which one he really believes in.  In essence, Psychology and 
   Psychiatry represent the voice of the world, the voice of 
   ungodly man, and the Bible is the voice of God.  And in general 
   these two authorities are in deep conflict.  Psychology says 
   that sin liberates and the Bible says it enslaves;  Psychology 
   says sexual permissiveness is OK and the Bible says it is bad.  
   Psychology has always been strongly atheistic and agnostic in 
   its basic sympathies, inclinations and assumptions.  And as a 
   consequence it has always been deeply antagonistic toward the 
   Bible, forever challenging the Bible in its most basic tenets, 
   assumptions, conclusions and authority.  Psychology asserts 
   that there is no absolute moral law, that Right and Wrong are 
   just ideas evolved by society; that moral law has no divine 
   authority, that it was invented and created by man and can be 
   changed by man as he sees fit, as situations change and his 
   "knowledge" increases and evolves.  To the psychologist the 
   Bible is just literature.  But the Bible claims for itself 
   divine origin.

   Another reason Psychology and Psychiatry are so very dangerous 
   is their false, deceitful, and dishonest claims about what they 
   are and what they can do.  They claim to be a Science and thus 
   endeavor to benefit from the prestige and reputability achieved 
   by the exact sciences (such as Chemistry and Physics).  In fact 
   they deal with a subject matter so totally different in its 
   basic nature from that of the exact sciences that the tools and 
   techniques of the exact sciences are inapplicable and don't 
   work at all.  The exact sciences deal with natural processes 
   and phenomena that operate in exact, precise accordance with 
   underlying exact natural laws;  laws relating quantities that 
   can be measured by instruments of one kind or another;  laws 
   which can be expressed with mathematical exactitude.  In 
   contrast Psychology and Psychiatry deal with the subject matter 
   of emotions, feelings and attitudes; of human relationships, 
   outlooks and values.  Their "quantities" and "variables" are 
   these kinds of things.  In essence, they arrogantly purport to 
   provide "scientific" answers to questions that wise men and 
   thinkers have been pondering for ages.  In actual fact it is 
   all self-deception, delusion, sham, hoax and foolishness.  In 
   actual fact the answers they provide are far less trustworthy, 
   far less reliable, than those given by the wise men and 
   thinkers of past ages.  In my opinion, Psychology and 
   Psychiatry, like a false religion, with its system of false 
   ideas, beliefs, assumptions and teachings, has been responsible 
   for an untold amount of wrong, suffering and harm in this 
   world.  It has done enormous damage.

   The ideas and theories of Sigmund Freud, founder of 
   psychoanalysis and moderm psychiatry, have exerted a profound 
   influence on modern psychiatry and on modern thought.  What do 
   I think of the ideas and theories of Sigmund Freud?  I am glad 
   you asked.  I am delighted to express my opinion.  I think they 
   are pure, unadulterated, outlandish rubbish!  They are, one and 
   all, simple nonsense.  They are absurd, preposterous poppycock!  
   I don't think there is an iota of truth in any one of his ideas 
   or theories.  I say that boldly.  There is not a shadow of a 
   doubt in my mind about it.  What I find really amazing is that 
   so much of humanity could be so short of sense as to believe 
   such foolishness.  Freud's ideas and theories remind me of an 
   idea stated by Adolf Hitler in connection with telling lies.  
   His idea was that a big lie is a lot more effective than a 
   small one.  He declared "that the very greatness of the lie is 
   a factor in getting it believed. With the primitive simplicity 
   of the masses a great lie is more effective than a small one, 
   because they often lie in small matters, but would be too 
   ashamed to tell a great big lie."

   Many religious people are going to psychologists and 
   psychiatrists these days.  That is very dangerous and foolish.  
   Why are they doing it?  They do it because they are confused, 
   frustrated, and unhappy, and have, in despair, given up on 
   Christianity as being able to solve their problems.  What they 
   have really done is given up on their conception of 
   Christianity, their brand of Christianity, Christianity as they 
   know it.  And what they are really doing is turning from 
   Christianity and going to the world, to the ungodly, to Satan 
   himself, for the solutions to their problems.  How foolish!

   Psychology and Psychiatry are indeed dangerous and perilous 
   snares for the gullible.  For those easily taken in.  They are 
   one of the most gross and clever deceptions yet of that subtle 
   and articulate Liar, that Prince of this World, and many there 
   be that are falling into his net.

   "Blessed is the man that walketh not in  the counsel of the 
   ungodly ... but his delight is in the law of the Lord". 

   Nov 1977

   A later note.  Modern drug companies have developed some amazing 
   drugs that do help the mentally ill. I know these drugs do work as 
   long as people stay on them. Psychiatrists are administering these 
   drugs and, in doing so, are helping the mentally ill. I do 
   give them credit for that. Except for that, I do feel about the 
   same about the field of psychiatry as I always have.  I wouldn't 
   consider going to a psychiatrist for any kind of advice, 
   counseling, or talk therapy. I would go to the Bible for my help.
   Modern psychiatry stands in deep conflict with the Bible. It stands 
   as a competing authority with the Bible and cannot be trusted.

   Apr 2015

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