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Efficiency on the homestead

   Efficient Water Utilization.  Water is used in the home for 
      three purposes:  1. consumption  2. washing (washing 
      yourself, washing dishes, etc.)  3. the commode.  To 
      conserve water and minimize the amount required the 
      following might be done: 

      1. Filter and recycle the water used in washing. 

      2. Don't use commodes that require water.  Instead one 
      might, for example, use the Swedish type indoor composting 
      toilet called the Clivus Multrum (see Mother Earth News, 
      No.31, p. 118).  Or one could use outdoor toilets and 
      chamber pots. 

   Efficient Use of Human Waste.  Make efficient use of human 
      waste either by composting it for use as fertilizer or by 
      using it to produce methane gas. 

   Efficiency in Cooking.  For efficiency in cooking utilize one 
      or all of the following:  1. pressure cooker  2. a solar 
      oven  3. the fireless cooker technique (where one puts a hot 
      dish, say rice or beans, in an insulated container, such as 
      a picnic cooler, or wraps it in a couple of blankets, and 
      lets it sit to cook in its own heat)  4. Chinese wok.

   Efficiency in Refrigeration.  1. Use a small, highly insulated, 
      efficient refrigerator.  2.  Do without a refrigerator.  Use 
      a rootcellar and change your eating habits so that you don't 
      eat perishable items that normally require refrigeration.  
      Prepare only enough food for the day and give leftovers to 
      the dog or chickens.

   Efficiency in Housing.  Have a small, super-insulated, one or 
      two room house that doesn't require much fuel to heat.  
      Sleep on mats on the floor as the Japanese do and don't fall 
      for the foolishness of having extra rooms that have no other 
      function than providing a separate place for sleeping (i.e. 

   Efficiency in Eating.  Adopt a vegetarian diet.  Live on rice, 
      beans, bread, vegetables and fruit.  Don't eat high cost 
      luxury foods such as convenience foods, pastry, junk food, 
      soda, liquor and high priced meats. 

   Efficiency in Transportation.  Use a bicycle.  Don't own a car 
      (or other motor vehicle). 

   Efficiency in Personal Habits.  Eliminate such bad habits as 
      drinking, smoking and snacking on junk food that put a drain 
      on cash supplies.  Adjust your personal habits and ways of 
      doing things so as to minimize cash outflow. 

   Efficiency in Entertainment.  Satisfy yourself with 
      entertainments that cost little or no money.  Avoid spending 
      money on entertainment. 

   Apr 1984

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