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Hidden costs

   There are often hidden costs to things that most people don't 
   see.  People aren't aware of them, don't have a proper 
   appreciation of them, don't factor them into their calculations 
   properly.  They may be slaving away, pedaling away on their 
   treadmill, trying to keep up, make it, and what they don't 
   realize is that a large part of what is holding them back are 
   hidden costs.  What are these hidden costs? 

     - depreciation costs.  Many things drop in value with time 
         and use, such as motor vehicles and farm machinery.  
         People don't figure these value drops in properly and 
         appreciate their importance. 

     - loss of interest on money spent (a cost that continues for 
         the rest of your life) 

     - maintenance and other costs attendant to some kinds of 
         purchases.  If you purchase a large house you have to 
         furnish and decorate it, heat it, air condition it, pay 
         taxes on it, pay homeowners dues, paint it periodically, 
         etc..  If you buy a motor vehicle you have to maintain 

   Apr 2001

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