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Basic convictions and assumptions that rule my mind and thought

   - City living is unwholesome and bad.  The ideal life is the 
        self-sufficient life out on a homestead in the country.   

   - The one-room country school is the best.  The city school is 

   - The only acceptable place for raising children is in the 
        country.  To try to do it in the city is foolhardy. 

   - Working for others is always bad.  It is filled with 
        politics, injustice and pressures to bend or forsake one's 
        convictions and principles.  The ideal is to work for 
        yourself at something you enjoy doing. Working for others 
        brings pressures to buckle under to others;  prostitute 
        yourself;  participate in sham, injustice and wrong.  It 
        is a lifestyle in which fear, intimidation and feelings of 
        insecurity are never far away.  It is a lifestyle that 
        tends to destroy integrity and self-respect. 

   - The simple life is the best.  One should always try to keep 
        life as simple as possible. 

   Apr 1981

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