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The art of living on little

   Q.  What measures, practices and modes of living can you adopt 
     in order to live on the least possible in terms of yearly 
     income requirements? 

   A.  We list the following:

         - live in a small, well-insulated house that you have 
             built yourself with no mortgages or loans 

         - get along with no car or motor vehicle or else buy an 
             old one in good shape and maintain and repair it 

         - become a vegetarian or something close to it

         - have a garden and grow your own vegetables

         - get all the meat you consume through hunting and 
             fishing or possibly raising rabbits 

         - get rid of personal habits that cost money, such as: 
             drinking, smoking, gambling; drinking sodas or 
             coffee; consuming candy and sweets; hobbies that cost 
             money; impulsive spending on things you don't really 

   Sept 1992

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