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Items for which cash would be needed in the self-sufficient homestead

   Items for which cash would be needed in a self-sufficient

             - property taxes
             - sugar, salt, spices, etc.
             - gasoline for truck, tractor, etc.
             - propane for heating and cooking
             - electricity for lights, refrigerator, water pump, 
                 washing machine, etc. 
             - fertilizer for garden
             - seeds for garden 
             - feed for animals
             - bulk rice, beans, flour, etc. for use as food 
             - clothing
             - shoes

   Note.  Some of the above you could do without.  You could do 
      without gasoline if you didn't have a truck or tractor;  you 
      could do without propane by cooking and heating with wood;  
      you could do without electricity by not having electric 
      lights or refrigerator;  you could minimize the need for 
      fertilizer by using composted manure;  you would need no 
      feed for animals if you raised no animals. 

   How could you minimize the expenses on the above items that 
      require cash? 

   Property taxes

          - own property that is not worth much (small house with 
              unpainted, poor-looking exterior;  small amount of 

          - own property in a locality where there are no property 
              taxes or where the tax rates are very low 

          - live on someone else's property (caretake someone's 

   Sugar, salt, spices, etc.

          - adapt your cooking and eating habits to foods in which 
              very little sugar, spices, etc. are used

   Gasoline for truck, tractor etc.

          - don't own a truck, tractor, etc. 

   Propane for heating and cooking

          - use wood for heating and cooking 

          - use Chinese wok, pressure cooker, and other low-energy 
              cooking techniques 

          - have a well insulated house that holds heat in

          - generate your own propane from manure as the Chinese 

   Electricity for lights, refrigerator, water pump, etc.

          - generate electricity from wind or solar cells

          - use propane, kerosene, gasoline or battery powered 

          - use fluorescent lights

          - use a propane powered refrigerator or do without a 

          - modify refrigerator by making walls thicker (i.e. 
              adding more insulation)

          - use a small refrigerator 

          - use old fashioned manual water pump

   Fertilizer for garden

          - use intensive gardening techniques (Chinese raised-
              bed, French intensive, etc.)

          - keep a compost pile

          - use manure

   Feed for animals

          - raise animals such as goats, geese and ducks that will 
              scrounge for their own food and require little 
              store-bought food 

          - don't raise animals;  hunt and fish for meat supply

   Bulk rice, beans, flour, etc.

          - buy in bulk at good prices (use an old chest freezer 
              for pest-proof storage) 



          - wear blue jeans the most of the time

          - buy second-hand clothing

          - ask for give-away used clothing


          - wear home-made wooden sandals or go barefoot in the 
              warmer months. 

   Oct 1982

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