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On Hatred

   Hatred stirreth up strife. 
                           Prov. 10:12   

   He who wronged you will hate you. 
   The hatred of those who are most nearly connected is the most 

   Hate furroweth the brow, and a man may frown till he hateth. 
   Hatred is as blind as love. 

   Malice can always find a mark to shoot at, and a pretence to 
                                          C. Simmons

   Hatred is the vice of narrow souls;  they feed it with all 
   their littlenesses, and make it the pretext of base tyrannies. 


   If I wanted to punish an enemy it would be by fastening on him 
   the trouble of constantly hating somebody. 

                                                   H. More


   When our hatred is violent, it sinks us even beneath those we 

   Hate no one;  hate their vices, not themselves. 

                                   J. G. C. Brainard

   If there is any person whom you dislike, that is the one of 
   whom you should never speak. 

   Hatred is active, and envy passive dislike;  there is but one 
   step from envy to hate. 

   It is human nature to hate him whom you have injured. 


   Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love;  this is the 
   eternal rule. 


   If you hate your enemies, you will contract such a vicious 
   habit of mind as by degrees will break out upon those who are 
   your friends, or those who are indifferent to you. 



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