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On Reason

   The authority of reason is far more imperious than that of a 
   master;  for he who disobeys the one is unhappy but he who 
   disobeys the other is a fool. 


   Man is a creature of impulse, emotion, action rather than 
   reason.  Reason is a very late development in the world of 
   living creatures, most of whom, as far as we know, get along 
   admirably in daily life without it. 

                                                   James T. Adams

   We think so because other people all think so;  or because --- 
   or because --- after all, we do think so;  or because we were 
   told so and think we must think so;  or because we once thought 
   so and think we still think so;  or because, having thought so, 
   we think we will think so. 

                                                  Henry Sidgwick

   Reason can no more influence the will, and act as a motive, 
   than the eyes which show a man his road can enable him to move 
   from place to place or than a ship provided with a compass can 
   sail without a wind. 


   Wouldst thou subject all things to thyself?  Subject thyself to 
   thy reason. 


   He is next to the gods whom reason and not passion impels. 


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