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On Self-Denial

   The worst education which teaches self-denial is better than 
   the best which teaches anything else and not that. 


   There never did and never will exist anything permanently noble 
   and excellent in the character which is a stranger to the 
   exercise of resolute self-denial. 

                                                      Walter Scott

   Self-abnegation, that rare virtue, that good men preach and 
   good women practice. 

                                                  O. W. Holmes

   Self-denial is an excellent guard of virtue for it is safer and 
   wiser to abate somewhat of our lawful enjoyments than to 
   gratify our desires to the utmost of what is permitted, lest 
   the bent of nature toward pleasure hurry us further. 


   He is one of the noblest conquerors who carries on a successful 
   warfare against his own appetites and passions and has them 
   under wise and full control.                      

                                                   Tryon Edwards

   The first lesson in Christ's school is self-denial. 

                                                       M. Henry

   Self-denial is a kind of holy association with God;  and by 
   making him your partner interests him in all your happiness. 


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