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On Truth and Error

   Righteousness is a straight line, and is always the shortest 
   distance between two points.

   Buy the Truth and sell it not. 


   If thou art in company with others, be not ashamed of Truth.

   Truth finds foes where it makes none.

   There is nothing so false, that a sparkle of truth is not in 
                                                    M. Tupper

   There are errors near akin to truth, and wholesomes linked with 
                                                        M. Tupper

   There is no widespread error that hath not truth for its 
                                                   M. Tupper

   There is nothing so true that the damps of error have not 
   warped it. 
                                                   M. Tupper

   There is no error so crooked, but it hath in it some lines of 
                                                     M. Tupper

   He that pleads against the truth takes pains to be overthrown.

   Truth seeks no corners.                                              

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