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On Shame

   I regard that man as lost, who has lost his sense of shame.

   While shame keeps watch virtue is not wholly extinguished from 
   the heart, nor will moderation be utterly exiled from the mind 
   of tyrants. 

   Shame is a great restraint upon sinners at first; but that soon 
   falls off: and when men have once lost their innocence, their 
   modesty is not like to be long troublesome to them.  For 
   impudence comes on with vice, and grows up with it.  Lesser 
   vices do not banish all shame and modesty; but great and 
   abominable crimes harden men's foreheads, and make them 
   shameless.  When men have the heart to do a very bad thing, 
   they seldom want the face to bear it out. 

   I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see 
   them not ashamed. 

   Shame may restrain what law does not prohibit. 

   Honor and shame from no condition rise; act well your part --- 
   there all the honor lies.         

   Be assured that when once a woman begins to be ashamed of what 
   she ought not be ashamed of, she will not be ashamed of what 
   she ought. 

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