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On Malice

   Malice drinketh its own poison.

   Malice hath a sharp sight and a strong memory.

   Injury is to be measured by malice.

   Malice is mindful.

   Malice is the devil's picture.  Lust makes men brutish; malice 
   makes them devilish --- it is mental murder.

                                              T. Watson

   Malice drinks one half of its own poison.


   Malice sucks up the greater part of her own venom, and 
   poisons herself.


   Malice, in its false witness, promotes its tale with so cunning 
   a confusion, so mingles truths with falsehoods, surmises with 
   certainties, causes of no moment with matters capital, that the 
   accused can absolutely neither grant nor deny, plead innocent 
   nor confess guilt.

                                           Sir P. Sidney

   Wit loses its respect with the good when seen in company with 
   malice; to smile at the jest which plants a thorn in another's 
   breast, is to become a principle in the mischief.


   Malice scorned, puts out itself;  but argued, gives a kind of 
   credit to a false accusation.


   There is no small degree of malicious craft in fixing upon a 
   season to give a mark of enmity and ill-will;  a word --- a 
   look, which at one time would make no impression, at 
   another time wounds the heart, and, like a shaft flying with 
   the wind, pierces deep, which, with its own natural force 
   would scarce have reached the object aimed at.


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