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On the Magnitude of Trifles

   From trivial things great contests oft arise.

   Happy and wise is the man to whose thought existeth not a 

   In conduct don't make trifles of trifles.
   The mass of trifles makes magnitude.

   Despise not a small wound, a poor kinsman, or a humble enemy.

   True delicacy, that heartleaf of humanity, exhibits itself most 
     significantly in little things.

   White ants pick a carcass clean sooner than a lion will.

   A little each day is much in a year. 

   Your clock within one twelvemonth ticketh thirty million 
   By steadily, without a stop, fulfilling small details.

   Hair by hair makes the head bare.

   Little and often makes a heap in time.

   Little strokes fell great oaks.

   Step by step one goes far.

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