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On Lust

   Lust is an enemy to the purse, a foe to the person, a canker to 
   the mind, a corrosive to the conscience, a weakness of the wit, 
   a besotter of the senses, and, finally a mortal bane to all the 

   Capricious, wanton, bold, and brutal lust is meanly selfish; 
   when resisted, cruel; and, like the blast of pestilential 
   winds, taints the sweet bloom of nature's fairest forms. 


   Lust is a captivity of the reason and an enraging of the 
   passions.  It hinders business and distracts counsel.  It sins 
   against the body and weakens the soul. 
                                                  Jeremy Taylor 

   Lust is, of all the frailties of our nature, what we most ought 
   to fear; the headstrong beast rushes along impatient of the 
   course; nor hears the rider's call, nor feels the rein. 


   When lust, by unchaste looks, loose gestures, and foul talk, 
   but most by lewd and lavish acts of sin, lets in defilement to 
   the inward parts, the soul grows clotted by contagion, embodies 
   and imbrutes till she quite lose the divine property of her 
   first being. 

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