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On Self-praise

   Say nothing of yourself, either good, bad, or indifferent;  
   nothing good for that is vanity;  nothing bad for that is 
   affectation; nothing indifferent, for that is silly. 

   It is equally a mistake to hold one's self too high, or to rate 
   one's self too cheap. 

   A man's praises have very musical and charming accents in the 
   mouth of another, but sound very flat and untunable in his own.

   A man's accusations of himself are always believed;  his 
   praises of self never. 

   There is not one wise man among twenty will praise himself. 


   Self-praise occasionally succeeds with ignorant and credulous 
   persons;  very seldom with those who have much knowledge of the 
   world.  He who can make a discerning mind think more highly of 
   him for what he says of himself, must be a person of unusual 
   ability and address. 
                                                     G. W. Harvey 

   Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a 
   stranger, and not thine own lips. 
                                                 Prov. 27:2

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