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On Sensuality

   Sensuality is the grave of the soul. 

   He that lives in the kingdom of sense, shall die in the kingdom 
   of sorrow. 

   Those wretches who never have experienced the sweets of wisdom 
   and virtue, but spend all their time in revels and debauches, 
   sink downward day after day, and make their whole life one 
   continued series of errors.  They taste no real or substantial 
   pleasure; but, resembling so many brutes, with eyes always 
   fixed on the earth, and intent upon their laden tables, they 
   pamper themselves in luxury and excess. 


   He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man:
    He that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.

                                      Prov 21:17

   Be not among winebibbers, among riotous eaters of flesh,
    For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty, 
    And drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.

                                          Prov 23:20-21

   I have never known a man who was sensual in his youth, who was 
   high-minded when old. 
                                                    Charles Summer 

   Though selfishness hath defiled the whole man, yet sensual 
   pleasure is the chief part of its interest, and therefore by 
   senses it commonly works, and these are the doors and the 
   windows by which iniquity entereth in the soul. 

   If sensuality be our only happiness, we ought to envy the 
   brutes;  for instinct is a surer, shorter, safer guide to such 
   happiness than reason. 

   What if one might have all the pleasures of the world for the 
   asking?  Who would so unman himself as by accepting them to 
   desert his own soul and become a slave to his senses? 


   If sensuality were happiness, beasts were happier than men; but 
   human  felicity is lodged in the soul, not in the flesh. 


   Sordid and infamous sensuality, the most dreaded evil that 
   issued from the box of Pandora, corrupts the entire heart and 
   eradicates every virtue. 

   The body of a sensualist is the coffin of a dead soul. 

   All sensuality is one, though it takes many forms, as all 
   purity is one.  It is the same whether a man eat, or drink, or 
   cohabit, or sleep sensually.  They are but one appetite, and we 
   only need to see a person do any one of these things to know 
   how great a sensualist he is. 

   Sin the mother, and shame the daughter of lewdness. 

                                                     Sir P. Sidney 

   A youth of sensuality and intemperance delivers over a worn-out 
   body to old age. 

   When the cup of any sensual pleasure is drained to the bottom, 
   there is always poison in the dregs. 
                                                      Jane Porter

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