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Virtue is smart, badness is dumb

   Honesty is the wisest policy.  Dishonesty always catches up 
   with you in the end.  Courtesy and politeness in dealing with 
   others is just smart policy.  Rudeness and discourtesy will 
   bring you no good.  Modesty and humility is just smart policy 
   in this game of life.  Immodesty and arrogance will do you only 
   harm.  Concern and consideration for others is smart.  Chastity 
   is smart.  Integrity is smart.  So is fairness and justness.

   Life is a game.  There are strategies that tend to be effective 
   and potent for winning and there are other strategies that tend 
   to work against you and cause you to lose.  The virtues are not 
   only right before God, they also just happen to represent the 
   best ways of living life.  They represent the best tactics for 
   dealing with people and handling life.

   We are creatures of habit.  We develop habits in the way we 
   respond to people and situations.  We react to people 
   automatically, without thought, according to habits of honesty 
   or dishonesty, courtesy or discourtesy, modesty or arrogance, 
   etc. that we have formed.

   It is good to examine ourselves, examine our mental habits, and 
   note which of our habits are good and which are bad.  It is 
   good to reflect upon the types of habits that may do us damage.  
   And after reflecting upon the topic of habits and policies for 
   living out life the next act is to renounce and destroy bad 
   habits and install good ones.    

   Dec 1989

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