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The journey called life

   Life is, in a very profound sense, a solitary journey.  We are 
   all alone the most of the time.  We are alone with our own 
   problems.  We are all souls picking our way through a 
   complicated, deceptive, treacherous world.  A world of lie and 
   deceit, injustice and cruelty.  Even those closest to us are 
   foreigners.  No man really understands us and few care.  Only 
   God knows, understands, and can help us.  We each have our own 
   unique set of abilities and inabilities, strengths and 
   weaknesses, our own set of life circumstances.  Each of us has 
   been dealt a hand of cards.  We must each play the hand we have 
   been dealt.  We must each look to our own needs, our own good.  
   We can trust no one else to seek our own good.  We all make our 
   own choices, choose our own paths.  We react, we respond, we 
   act, we do.  We make our judgments, we decide, we choose.  We 
   develop attitudes, outlooks, values, habits and kinds of 
   conduct that will come to characterize our lives.  We choose 
   our friends, we choose our ways.  And, in turn, life gives us 
   back the consequences of those choices that we have made, those 
   ways we have chosen.  

   Life is a game that we each must play on our own.  A wise man 
   knows that honest friends in this life are few.  And no friend, 
   no matter how much he cares, can solve our problems for us.  
   God alone can help us.  To find our way we need God's help.  We 
   find that help in the Bible.  And we find it in reflective 
   thought.  In our own reflective thought and in that of others.  
   The truth lies in the way laid out in the Bible.  There we find 
   the basic principles for living life.  There we find that great 
   secret to happiness: fear of God and living by his law. 

   Jan 2008

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