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Life can be likened to a game

   Life can be likened to a game.  Like a game, it involves the 
   employment of strategy and tactic.  As in a game, how well you 
   do depends on how well you play.  Life is a stew of many 
   ingredients and, as in many games, chance, risk and danger are 
   important ones.  As with many games, it involves the playing of 
   odds.  As with playing games, living life involves the use of 
   the mind.  It requires intelligence and the powers of reason, 
   analysis and observation.

   Living life is like playing a game of checkers or chess.  In a 
   game such as checkers or chess the other person makes a move 
   and then you make a move.  You don't know what your next move 
   will be until you have seen his next move.  You respond to the 
   situations presented to you, as they are presented.  Life is 
   the same.  It involves constant change.  It is constantly 
   presenting new situations and problems to you.  You can't plan 
   life out in advance.  You have to be flexible and respond to 
   what it presents to you.  You have to play it by ear and 
   respond to things as they arrive.  In the game of life, life is 
   the opponent.  It makes its plays and you respond with your 
   plays.  Life is about problem solving.  Life issues you a 
   sequence of problems and you solve them.  Doing it requires 
   judgment and common sense and the employment of strategy and 

   As in fighting a battle or playing a game, in the game of life 
   you respond to specific situations with specific tactical 
   moves.  You decide on specific solutions for specific problems.  
   There are, however, some general strategies and tactics that 
   you can employ in life that can aid you greatly and improve you 
   ability to deal with the problems of life.  Examples:

     1.  Education, study, self-improvement 
     2.  Developing good personal habits
     3.  Saving money

   In addition to this it is worth noting that the kind of 
   problems that life presents to you has a lot to do with the way 
   you live.  If you live a clean, straight, God-fearing, upright 
   life the type of problems that life presents to you are a lot 
   different than what it presents to you if you live a bad, 
   dishonest, immoral life.  If you act wisely and prudently the 
   type of problems that life presents to you is a lot different 
   than those it presents to you if you act foolishly and 

   How you handle life, how you respond to the problems and 
   situations that it presents to you, is determined to a large 
   extent by your personal basic values, attitudes, outlooks and 
   philosophies.  What you are inside determines largely how you 
   deal with life.  You respond to life in accordance with what 
   you are.

   Mar 2000

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