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Control --- lack of control

   People who are frustrated and unhappy often complain of lacking 
   control in their life.  What do they mean? 

   Control.  The power to direct, regulate and shape your life, 
     make things go the way you want them to go. 

   Feeling of lacking control.  Feeling of being helpless to do 
     anything about the way things are going; feeling of 
     powerlessness to change what is happening to you or around 
     you; feeling of being at the mercy of others and fate. 

   What gives a person control in his life?  What causes lack of 

   Causes of lack of control.  Slavery to alcohol, drugs, 
     cigarettes, etc..  Slavery to bodily desires and appetites 
     (food, sex, etc.) Slavery to bad habits.  Ties to wayward 
     spouses or children whose conduct you can't control.  Being 
     dependent on other people, on circumstances, situations, etc. 
     (as in a marriage). 

   Antidotes to Lack of Control.  Developing traits of self-
     reliance, self-sufficiency and independence.  Learning to be 
     content with little.  Learning to follow intellect, duty and 
     conscience rather than feelings and self-indulgence.

   Dec 1995

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