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True religion

  Q. What is true religion?

  True religion.  1. Love of God, and 2. Because of that love of 
   God the following: a life ruled by intellect, reason, 
   conscience and moral knowledge; a life characterized by the 
   habitual denial of bodily appetites and demands; a life ruled 
   by the higher nature; life habits of self-abnegation, self-
   denial, renunciation, and self-sacrifice; renunciation of the 
   demands of the lower nature; a life of self-sacrifice and self-
   control; living right and doing right for God's sake; living by 
   his principles of Goodness and Righteousness.

   What kind of man does the above describe?  It describes the 
   godly, just, upright, humble, compassionate man that serves as 
   the ideal for many of the great religions of the world.  It 
   represents the hard and lonely road in life --- a road 
   requiring courage and character. 

   What about the born-again Christian of the evangelical genre?  
   He believes that due to having said a few magic words at some 
   point in his past (when he "confessed Christ" and was "saved") 
   he has been miraculously transformed into a new, redeemed, holy 
   creature and there is nothing more for him to do and nothing 
   more to be had.  He doesn't need to concern himself with such 
   things as self-denial and renunciation.  His only obligation is 
   to tell others of the "good news" of such an easy way to 

   Sept 1995

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