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Needs of the self

   Q. What are the fundamental needs of the self?

   A. We list the following:

       - to like itself; self-respect; a healthy level of self-
          esteem; a sense of worth 
       - to be liked, accepted, respected and approved of by 
          others; healthy, friendly, harmonious relationships with 
       - food and shelter (required by the body)

   To illustrate the importance of the first two needs let us 
   consider the following:  If you really want to hurt someone how do 
   you do it?  You strike at his basic ego, his basic sense of self-
   worth.  You humiliate him, ridicule him, make fun of him, show 
   contempt for him, be disrespectful to him, belittle him, put him 

   How many of the rules of human conduct have their roots in the 
   above needs?  Let us list some:

      - treat others with courtesy and respect
      - do unto others as you would have them do unto you
      - show consideration for the feelings of others

   Apr 1995

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