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On schooling

   Q. What is the purpose of schooling?

   A. Different people would give different answers but I would 
   suggest the following:

     1. Equipping people with the knowledge and skills they need to 
         earn a living in modern society (i.e. training them in a 
         profession or trade).
     2. Providing people with the knowledge and understanding they 
         need to function in a complex, highly organized society.
     3. Providing people with perspective, understanding and insight   
         into themselves, others and life.

   Q. What is the key to doing well in school?

   A. Doing what you are told to do.  Obedience.  The habit of doing 
   what you should do, each day, every day, starting at the first day 
   of school.  Work.  Constant effort.  Perseverance.  Self-
   discipline.  Determination.  High standards for yourself.  
   Character.  Good habits.  Motivation.  Enthusiasm.  Positive 
   attitude.  Concentration.  Ability to focus on a thing.

   Aug 1994

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