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The underlying laws of life

   The basic underlying laws governing life in modern society are 
   the cruel, hard laws of survival of the fittest, competition, 
   and dog-eat-dog.  They are the same laws that govern the animal 
   world in which the strong prey on the weak, the strong live and 
   the weak die.  It is the law of the jungle in all of its 
   brutality and cruelty.  Yet at the same time there is a higher 
   element in man that causes him to try to help the weak and 
   protect him from the hard consequences of these laws (by 
   helping him through charity, etc.).  Man has exhibited an 
   idealistic refusal to accept these basic, brutal laws that 
   govern life and somehow circumvent them.  He has experimented 
   with various socialistic systems in an attempt to circumvent 
   these laws and construct a system that is kinder --- but the 
   experiments have been failures (e.g. Communism, European 
   socialism, American welfare system).  Man's well-intentioned 
   attempts to help his fellow man seem to usually end up as ugly 
   monstrosities that are even worse than the disease.  The 
   reasons for the failures generally relate to man's basic 
   nature.  The liberals who have proposed and executed the 
   attempts have been naive in regard to life and human nature. 
   Man's general character, his propensities toward things like 
   laziness, deceit, selfishness, greed, foolishness, self-
   destructive habits, etc. tend to frustrate efforts in this 
   regard.  The great sounding ideas and solutions that the 
   liberals have tried haven't worked.  They look to big 
   government for the solution and end up with a Big Brother ---  
   one very obnoxious and arrogant fellow who takes a lot more 
   away than he gives. 

   The facts of life: the struggle to survive, the struggle to 
   eat.  Competition for limited (and often scarce) resources. 

   Feb 1993

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