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The spirits that rule us

   The spirit within us.  The different spirits that dominate and 
   rule us.  A spirit of warmth and kindness.  A spirit of peace 
   and harmony.  A spirit of anger.  A spirit of spite and 

   A spirit of peace, harmony and love between a man and his wife.  
   A spirit of antagonism and discord between a man and his wife.  
   Spiritual union.  Spiritual estrangement. 

   Spiritual union with God.  Love of God, love of Goodness, 
   Justice and Right.  Love of all that God is and represents.  
   God within us.  God's spirit within us.

   Spiritual estrangement from God.  Love of Evil, Badness, all 
   that is against God.  At odds with God, antagonism towards him, 
   estrangement from him.   

   Dec 1989

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