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Cause of mental illness

   I believe that most mental illness comes from wrong attitudes, 
   conceptions, values and outlooks.  Thus it is psychological in 
   origin and if the person chances to change, for some reason, 
   those culprit attitudes, conceptions, values or outlooks that 
   are causing his problems he can hope to be rid of the mental 
   problems that are plaguing him.  I do admit that there may be a 
   certain small percentage of mental illnesses whose cause is 
   physical in origin but I think that most are psychological in 

   I have a basic distrust of modern psychiatry.  The thing that 
   is wrong with it is the theory that the modern psychiatrists 
   are trained in.  It is mostly pure foolishness.  Freudian 
   Theory, for example, is the very height of nonsense.  The 
   danger in going to a psychiatrist for help is that he may do 
   more damage than good.  He may mess a person up a lot more than 
   he is already messed up.  I feel a psychiatrist can do a great 
   deal of damage and I suspect that the most of them do just 
   that.  The psychiatrist is himself all messed up, in my 
   opinion.  His understanding of the human mind has been twisted 
   and warped by all of the complicated, outlandish theory he has 
   studied.  A person in need of help would get much better advice 
   by going to some wise, prudent older person with a good 
   understanding of life and human nature. 

   Jan 1987

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