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Direct your energies toward that which you have control over

   Some things are under your control; other things are not.  Some 
   things you can change; others you can't.  Focus your energies 
   on things that you have control over.  Concentrate on those 
   things that you yourself are able to do something about.  Don't 
   waste your time on things outside your control.

   What kinds of things are under your own control?  Let us list 

     1. Your own emotional, spiritual and intellectual 
       development.  You can always work on your own personal 
       improvement.  By reflecting, pondering, reading, studying, 
       eradication of vices, pursuit of virtue, etc. you can 
       improve yourself. 

     2. Your own personal finances.  You can learn to be frugal 
       and to save money. 

     3. You may be able to help others in limited ways.

   What are some examples of things that are not under your 
     control?  Let us list some:

     1. National and international problems.  Deeply rooted social 
       and economic problems.  The state of a society's morals.  
       Cultural degeneracy. 

     2. Many of the problems that other people have (many of the 
       problems other people have are of their own making, have 
       arisen from their own foolishness, and there is little you 
       can do to help them).

   Nov 1986

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