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Instruction on Sex

   We need tales and fables which have the following themes, 
   lessons or moral points (for the instruction of adolescents and 
   adults alike): 

   1. We each have within us a natural biological mechanism which, 
   if not shrewdly and carefully managed, can loom, under the 
   right circumstances, suddenly into a force so powerful as to 
   overpower all our reason, judgment and good sense.  Fanned by 
   imagination it can, all of a sudden, grow so fantastically 
   large and overpowering as to propel us into actions that can do 
   irreversible harm to ourselves and to others.  Indeed, it has 
   the potential for, in a few moments time, completely ruining 
   our own lives and those of others.  This natural biological 
   mechanism of which we speak is known by such terms as "sexual 
   desire", "desire", "passion", "lust", etc.. 

   2.  The darts of Cupid are blind with regard to the question of 
   marital compatibility i.e. just because two people are struck 
   by the darts of Cupid and "fall hopelessly in love" doesn't 
   mean they are compatible with each other and would be happy 
   together, if married.  The mechanism that causes two people to 
   "fall in love" pays no heed to the question of compatibility; 
   it is blind to it. 

   3.  The process of "falling in love" is just a sexually related 
   mechanism and usually of rather short duration.  One can fall 
   in love with many different people over a period of time and 
   also fall, just as easily, out of love with them.  Falling in 
   love is an infatuation, a captivation, a bewitchment which, 
   given time, will dwindle and fade away.  There is nothing 
   sacred about it and it doesn't imply marital compatibility.  
   There is a tendency in western society to glamorize it as 
   something sacred in itself and that is a mistake.  Marriage 
   based on it alone is real foolishness. 

   Aug 1886

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