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Happiness and unhappiness

   Happiness.  Aristotle said it was the final end toward which 
   all men endeavor, the greatest good for man.  What is 
   happiness?  Where is it found?  How is it achieved?  This 
   question is closely related to the question of unhappiness, 
   what unhappiness is and what causes it.  In fact a man cannot 
   be happy if he is unhappy and we can perhaps define happiness 
   as the "absence of unhappiness".  Unhappiness is very prevalent 
   in this world.  Most people, at different times in their lives, 
   meet with it.  What are the sources of unhappiness in this 
   life?  Let us list some: 

     - mistreatment, abuse and oppression by our fellow man (i.e. 
         abuse inflicted by those in authority over us) 

     - misfortune (i.e. being struck by some disease, loss of a 
         loved one, etc.) 

     - mental or emotional problems

     - boredom, listlessness, loneliness, depression

   How can we minimize the amount of unhappiness we suffer in life 
   (and thus maximize the amount of happiness we obtain from 
   life)?  What strategies can we use to minimize our pain and 
   misery from each of the above listed sources of unhappiness?  
   Well, in the case of the first one listed, abuse and oppression 
   by our fellow man, one thing that we can do to minimize the 
   chances of abuse from a boss is to seek self-reliance and 
   independence.  We can save money, reduce our material wants and 
   needs and go to self-employment or independent country living.  
   If one is under someone who is abusing him he may, in some way, 
   be able to get out from under that person and away from that 
   situation.  In the case of the second source of unhappiness 
   listed, misfortune, one thing you can do is take care of your 
   health through proper eating, getting sufficient exercise and 
   pursuing a low-stress lifestyle.  In the case of the third 
   source of unhappiness, mental and emotional problems, one can 
   make one's first priority in life the rejection of sin and 
   foolishness and a commitment to a life of Honesty, Decency, 
   Goodness, Virtue and Moral Principle (i.e. a commitment to the 
   right set of values).  Also, one can establish good ground 
   rules and habits for his life such as non-drinking, non-
   smoking, etc.. 

   Apr 1985

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