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Personal circumstances --- the thing that separates us

   The circumstances, conditions and situation of a person affects 
   his views, outlooks and attitudes with regard to himself, 
   others and life. 

   Examples of circumstances:

     - your social position in life 
     - your personal wealth and financial situation
     - the level of education you have achieved
     - the achievements you have chalked up in your life 
     - your abilities, inabilities, strengths and weaknesses
     - health problems and ailments you may have
     - things you may be a slave to, such as alcoholism or drug 
     - the society and culture you are born into

   To what extent are we all the same, all made from the same 
   pattern, cut from the same material, but differing only in the 
   personal circumstances that Fate, Chance and Fortune have 
   saddled us with?  To what extent can each of us say as we look 
   at one of our brothers on this earth "There, but by the grace 
   of God, go I?"  To what extent are we just a soul imprisoned in 
   a body and a set of circumstances?  To what extent are we 
   basically alike in soul and differing only in circumstances?  
   Aren't we all just alike in a very basic way?  Isn't that why 
   we can feel such empathy for our fellow man?  To what extent 
   are we just like our friendly, lovable little pet dog Fido, 
   except for those personal circumstances that separates us (i.e. 
   we are imprisoned in different bodies)?

   To what extent do we create our own circumstances and 
   situation in life by the way we live life, by the way we 
   conduct ourselves in life?  To what extent are we just victims 
   of circumstances?  To what extent are we masters of our own 

   Mar 1985

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